In Sickness and In Health…

Last Saturday in Jamaica I started to feel pretty bad. I slept most of the day (since it was raining nonstop anyway). My throat was in throbbing pain, but I sucked it up and went to dinner like we did all week. Sunday on our travel home Daniel began to feel the same way I did the day before. We were sick, and sick of traveling. My mom met us at the North Springs Marta station with thermometer in hand. Both of us were sporting low grade fevers, sore throats, and ear aches. What a wonderful way to start our first real week as a married couple. I wouldn’t say it has “challenged” us but we pretty much ate take-out every night this week. We ate leftovers and we took shots of Theraflu together. We whined together and compared our symptoms. It was a real bonding experience. However, I am ready for this Jamaican bug to go away. This was not the kind of souvenir I had in mind. It’s been a week and we still feel pretty bad. I think I am growing immune to Theraflu.



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