Whats in a Name…

I have always loved my last name. When I was little I always said even after I got married I would never change my name. I guess that changes after actually getting married. I am cool with women keeping their maiden names. I had a professor that kept hers and explained why. I wish I could remember the reason, but for her it was what she wanted. I probably could have kept my last name and husband wouldn’t have cared. I fought with myself about it before the wedding. Coming up with alternatives, hyphenating, eliminating my middle name, combining our names etc but I didn’t like anything. Simple fact was, I was excited about getting a new last name. I was definitely going to miss my old name, but taking husbands was more exciting. I will say changing your name legally is no picnic. At least they let you do it for free if it is done within the first 150 days of being married.  First you have to obtain a copy of your marriage license ie. going to the court and requesting an official certificate, no not the sweet little ticket your officiant signed… the OFFICIAL 10$ copy. Well, I forgot that the FIRST time I stood in line at the DMV. So, after being turned away I drove to the county court house and back to the DMV and stood in line all over again. Success- except I am still waiting on the hard copy of my license. Gone are the days where they take your picture and just hand the thing to you. Next you need to change your name on your Social Security Card. I printed and filled out the form online and carried my marriage certificate with me. Luckily, besides waiting for 20 minutes in a room full of questionables, this was a breeze… by the way, make sure you have an ID with your maiden name on it, I would suggest going to the SS office before changing your name on your license. Next big thing is your Passport. Even if you are not going out of the country anytime soon, it needs to be done because it is FREE the first 150 day of being married. I haven’t gotten around to it yet because you have to send it off but I am a personal fan of going in person. That way my documents don’t get lost in the mail. The name changing has only begun. Think about how many documents actually say your name on them: Health insurance card, debit card, my previous resume, any doctor you’ve visited still knows you as your maiden name. There is a lot that comes with name changing. I can see why some women choose not to go through it. I did however get my social security card with my new name on it yesterday.  It was pretty cool. I guess I am officially a VanBeek!


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