Best Weekend Ever.

I woke up this morning with my Husband snuggled to my right, our dog Turbo to my left and our cat Caesar curled up at our feet. I can’t imagine having it any other way. There was so much joy that rush through me and I couldn’t be happier than I was in that moment. I turned to Daniel and kissed him on the forehead. Although Monday mornings mean the start of a long week, this morning  was just the icing on top of a really awesome weekend. If you have read my Bride Chronicles entry on BYOP (Bring your own pumpkin) you know it has become a tradition for the family. BYOP was held this Saturday. It started at the pumpkin patch with our best friend (best man) Patrick. We carefully chose our carving pumpkins. My dad started the fire at about 2:00 in the afternoon and we sat around talking and watching football. We had all sorts of spooky snacks and decorations. Mom and I made luminaries that we found on Pinterest and hung them on the tree near the fire pit.

To the left of the picture is a Mummy luminary

Here they are all lit up

Some new spooky snacks include:

Skull Punch

Ghosty Cupcakes (made by our next door neighbors!)

I also made Pumpkin Cupcakes (or muffins) I found the recipe on Pinterest. All you need is yellow cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Mix together and bake at 350: 20-25 minutes.

They were pretty tasty!

So, it was not only BYOP that made this weekend completely RULE, but that the wonderful YELLOW JACKETS pulled out a win over use-to-be-undefeated Clemson. When we woke up Sunday morning it was like the day after Christmas and I had gotten EVERYTHING on my wish list. Just to show how proud I am, I am wearing something Georgia Tech everyday this week. If they play the way they did Saturday for the rest of the season I have no doubt that they would win out. They just have to keep playing that way, which for some reason tends to be hard for GT. Right now though, I am so proud of them! GO JACKETS!

have you ever seen a Yellow Jacket fly?? Evidence:

Happy Halloween! May your day be filled with treats and not TRICKS!


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