Embrace Your Inner Nerd

Everyone has that one thing that make them a complete nerd. Besides the fact that hearing a man talking about differential equations totally throws me for a love loop, I love books. I am not talking books that tend to make you sound smart like Wuthering Heights, East of Eden, War and Peace, pretty much any thing by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have a hard time really digging into the characters, although I am thinking about giving Wuthering Heights another chance since I have grown up a little. All those books they forced on you in high school? Nah, if I can’t understand the way they are written, I am not even going to try. I have to say Gatsby was my favorite forced reading and the only reason I loved it so much is because our literature teacher pretty much dumbed it down for us. I’m not talking about reading books to enhance my vocabulary or books that sharpen my grammar. I’m talking silly teen romance/adventure novels where I don’t have to tear apart the book to figure out what some sentences mean. It all started with Twilight- I am not even going to try to lie. I have never been into crazy series like  Harry Potter but this one took me by the mind the first page I read. Since then, I have picked up The Hunger Games, The Fever Series, I have read Matched, and some other books in between, but now I am a sucker for the series.  I just finished the 5 book Fever Series and I am looking for something new. If you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend it! 🙂

Happy Reading My Fellow Book Lovers!


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