A Newry Visit

So, I am sitting here at Georgia Tech waiting on Daniel to get out of class so we can head up to Clemson. Yep, we are going to visit his mom in Newry, S.C. which is conveniently located 5 miles from Clemson University. Talk about your awesome bragging rights! Pretty sure they hate it when they see us barreling up there decked out in our Georgia Tech gear. Anyway, Newry is so much fun. It is apparently “haunted” which seriously gives me the creeps. Newry is a very old cotton mill town established in the late 1800’s. The 50 original cottages built for the workers of the mill still stand today with regards to some fairly new development of the area. I don’t know much about the town but his mom is a genius when it comes to the history. She does, after all, live in what use to be the doctors house and the old worn down mill stands in full view on the front porch of her house. We explore the mill nearly every time we go, but it seems that it is disintegrating fast. The last couple times we have explored, stair cases that we use to take have been broken down and things have been stolen from the mill. Old cotton spools still litter the ground in the grown up front lawn. It hasn’t run since 1975. I really enjoy breaking out the mound of books his mom has on the town. She has pictures of her house in the early 1900’s which is super cool. She also explores other areas of the town. We have even ventured to an old abandoned cemetery that unfortunately holds victims that fell to influenza. In one of her many books there are pictures of the Newry streets lined with coffins for those who did not make it through the illness. Unfortunately, many of the victims were children. Sadly some graves are only marked by stones and trees have fallen over cracking the occasional engraved gravestone. Every visit there is a new adventure. We have even taken a visit to the mansion that housed the owner of the mill and his family. The only thing left of the house however, is the old brick edging that encompassed the property and the brick chimneys. We have explored through the woods, boated on Lake Keowee, trudged through the abandoned cemetery, and journeyed through every crevice possible to safely squeeze through of the old mill. This weekend his mom wants to take me to a waterfall and who knows where else we might end up! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Mine is going to be wonderful!

The town prior to the shutting down of the mill.

The old Mill

Trashed :-/

Creepy shot from the inside

The old store

Cotton Spools

Chimney’s of the Mansion

Broken in the abandoned cemetery


Happy Exploring!


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