My Second Family

Thankful-day 2

Not everyone is blessed enough to have a second family. I am so lucky to have them in my life. Erin, Holly and I all grew up together. Now, Holly and I did unfortunately tend to leave Erin out sometimes. She was a few years older and we unfortunately left her to hang out with my silly big brother. Later, after we all pretty much matured, us three began to hang out together. Holly and Erin are seriously the sisters I never had. Being an only girl in my family was rough. None of my cousins that were my age were girls and the ones that were my age and boys wanted to hang out with my older brother because it was “cool”. It sucked. I had no one to play with at holidays. Whether we were in Texas or Georgia that year I was bored out of my stinking mind. My little brother would hang with me up until he turned 9. Then he didn’t want to hang with me anymore, he wanted to hang with the older boys. I guess this is the time in my life that I found out my parents are actually cool to hang out with.

Anyway, Holly and Erin’s dad is my dad’s best friend. Which was convenient since we would go visit them and finally I had someone to play with. Their dad (aka Johnboy/David. I grew up calling him Johnboy) is pretty much like my second dad. If I were to need fatherly advice I could count on him. He’d be there if I needed him.  Holly and I were talking one day about hanging out with our dads. My mom, my dad, her dad, me and Holly use to go to Taco Mac every Thursday night to get free glasses. Johnboy was asking her why she liked to hang out with the parents. Well, duh, because our parents are pretty dang cool. I guess no one else likes to hang out with their parents as much as Holly and I do. I guess because parents will love you unconditionally. I guess around my parents I am free to be me. They listen what I have to say and never talk over me. They don’t leave me out on purpose. This also goes for Holly. My true best friend. We may not always agree on everything but we respect each others opinion. We pretty much like all of the same things. She never leaves me out of anything. I could call her up at anytime and as long as shes not working or doing something super important and she’ll invite me to come with her or do whatever shes doing. If I tell her I can’t hang out she doesn’t get mad. I guess when it comes down to it all, you really do find out who your friends are. Luckily, with this deal I have two best friends and sisters all rolled into one. I am so thankful that god brought my second family into my life.

Our Dad’s at Erin’s wedding

Erin, Me and Holly ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park I think I was 16?

The summer we went on a road trip from GA to Gulf Shores and then to Texas

Haha we were so little!

Me and Erin on her wedding day 🙂

Camping with the parents (Russell, me, Holly, and Erin)

Happy Halloween! (Erin, Me, Holly, Russell, and Josh down front)

All 3 of us at my bridal luncheon


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