Good morning! So, I am not going to lie I somewhat failed at the whole “thankful for” blog experience. I guess its smarter/easier to write a 5 second status than to spend an hour on each post. So, today were are going to talk about growing up and making some changes in my life since my birthday was yesterday. It started with a  hair cut. I officially got 6 inches cut off of my head. This is the shortest my hair has ever been (except maybe when I was was young whipper snapper – AKA the fresh age of 3 when I decided to be my own hair stylist). So far, best decision ever. Short hair is so much more fun than long hair, even though I am a firm believer that long hair is sexier (husband agrees). Secondly, I think it is about time to break from Facebook. I find myself spending countless hours staring at the screen, analyzing what is going on the in cyber world and I think it is unhealthy. Shouldn’t I be hiking or spending time outside, reading a book, enjoying the beautiful world around me instead of the nasty, manipulative, bullied internet world? I have come to find out things over the internet that only end up hurting me or my feelings. I have had people actually personally attack me and I have found that defending myself only makes me look like a complete internet witch(with a B). I also think it is time to break away from Facebook for relying on all communication. My iPhone is hardly used for being an actual phone. I might call like 4 people once a week. So, I am definitely not deleting Facebook, I love it. Its a good way to communicate with my family who lives far away, we can share pictures and family news. Its perfect for that. I guess I just need to break away for a couple weeks and get my life on track sans internet. Another thing I want to change is better communication with my real friends. I have to realize that what comes with deactivating my Facebook is I will not know everything going on in everyone’s life. This is where that super duper thing called a Cell Phone comes in handy. I am so not much of a talker. I actually hate being on the phone. I will avoid it at all costs. This is one thing I want to/need to change about me. I am ready for a fresh start. As far as I am concerned 23 has been a fantastic year. I married the love of my life. I graduated college. I potentially have the chance of getting my dream job. I’m ready to see what 24 brings!

Happy Facebooking!


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