So, unfortunately I gave in to our fake tree with the boring white lights this year. Our big plans to go to the Christmas tree farm where we got married to get a Christmas tree failed a little bit. Money’s the word, and carrying that big sucker up the stairs to our apartment. Apparently there is a lot more that goes into a real Christmas tree than I ever thought. I am still thinking about going to Kroger where they have like 3 foot Christmas trees for sale, which are cute as heck. For now though, we’ll just use our fake tree that we got for Daniel’s apartment last year.

We awaken it.

Yeah- We don’t put any red on our tree. I guess that is the thing about putting up the tree right after the U[sic]GA game every year.

Caesar helped.

Ok, so we have a smidgen of red…

Tah Dah!!!!!! Now we need a tree skirt and it will be set.

This is the “Our First Christmas” ornament that my mom got us. I love it. My mom and dad have kept their first Christmas ornament since they were married. I like to hang theirs on the tree at their house because it reminds me that love can last forever.

Happy Decorating!!


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