Unknown Dining

We have been married two months today. Today means that we get to go on a date night into the unknown!

Our first night on our honeymoon we went to the restaurant named “The Reef Terrace”. Daniel and I are always early to everything so, our butler sat us in the grand piano bar to wait for our table to be ready. There was one other couple there waiting on their table as well. They were an older couple the man was gray but the woman look nicely kept and well, to put it nicely, very preserved. We sat across from each other and as the man got up and walked towards the bar he flashed a smile back at us “would you like anything? It’s on me.” We laughed (all inclusive resort=awesome). They talked with us about marriage, life, occupations, traveling. The one thing we tightly held onto was a recommendation to keep things fun in marriage. I want to say this couple had been married for about 18 years. They had both divorced once before and remarried each other. They seemed every bit in love as the young honeymooners that we met on vacation. Their recommendation (and pretty much what they live by) is that every month on the day they were married (so for us, the 8th) they make it a point to go to a restaurant neither of them have ever been to. The man said that at first its pretty easy, but then you have to really start branching out and traveling a little bit longer each year. He said that he has missed only two months in the 18 years of marriage and one was because her mother was in the hospital and the other was because he was in the hospital. So, Daniel and I decided that we are going to take the challenge. We missed our November date so this month is the beginning of our unknown dining date nights. We have already made a list of places that neither of us have been to, now we just have to pick one!

Do you have a tradition that you and your husband stick by?


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