I have been running a lot more lately. I guess it is to take my mind off of some things and concentrate on my hobby. I guess I really can’t call it a hobby because I have yet to actually run in a race. Hopefully soon, I can convince someone to race with me but when it gets cold and I will probably wuss out on some runs. Unless I get new winter running gear for Christmas (hint, hint), me and the treadmill(ugh) are about to be BFFs. Anyway, I am not going to sit here and say I am a die hard runner. I would say I am a joy runner. I don’t run to prove a point or make some big accomplishment (when I do though, I get excited). I mainly run to blow off some steam, alleviate stress, or just enjoy a trot through the park with my dog. I think the furthest I have run is 4 miles, which for me is an accomplishment because I have NEVER liked running until about 4 months ago. So, I haven’t really started a new training program due to the threat of cooling weather (even though the past week has been dream weather and I took well advantage of it). I am thinking about starting a training program but I will have to do some research first. Since I am able to run a 5k consistently, I think I am ready. We’ll see. So last night I ended up in Dicks Sporting Goods with my parents. I browsed around in the clothing and made my way back to the shoe department. The next thing I knew I was trying on Nikes, Asics, and Mizunos (oh my). My arch is pretty high. I have always been complimented on my high arches by those who are dancers. I already have Asics and they are nice but they are still pretty wide on my foot. My foot is also thin as a rod. So, with these two things into consideration I began to do some research (well, my dad did. Right there in the store-thank you IPhone!). I pulled some shoes that were considered “good” for high arches. I have always liked Mizuno. My very first (and very favorite) pair of Volleyball shoes were Mizuno and I wore those things until they were ripped/torn in every way possible. I don’t even know what model they were, I just know they were so incredibly comfortable and light. So, I tried a bunch of different shoes on but I always went back to the Wave Rider 14’s. Nothing super-spancy special. I got home and I did some more specific research on the shoe. To my horror this particular Wave Rider edition was definitely not favored among a plethora of runners (mainly runners who really loved the 13’s and were disappointed with the 14’s). I mean there were some good reviews, but its sometimes hard not to focus on the bad ones. So, with much frustration I headed back to Dicks and tried on even more shoes, including the newest (and most expensive)  edition to the Wave Rider family, the 15’s. I loved the shoe, but not the price. I would sit here and say that “you can’t put a price on comfort” but I did put a price on comfort and it was not worth over 100$. So, I talked to the shoe dude and told him my dilemma. He told me that with his Mizuno’s (he said he had a zillion pairs) it takes more than one run to let the shoe form to his foot, but they did eventually form to his foot. He also enlightened me on their 30 day shoe trial where after 30 days if I didn’t like them I could bring them back. Needless to say, I left with my same Mizuno WR14’s.

So, in my curiosity of how “absolutely terrible” these shoes were (according to some of the reviews I read), I decided to test these babies out. I left Turbo at home this time and headed for the park (I had a little more confidence with my pepper spray strapped to my wrist). With the thought of breaking in new shoes I started off pretty easy. Then I started to fly. Today, I ran my best 5k (in 28:51). I have never really focused too hard on running shoes and how awesome or not awesome they are. All I really know  is that I don’t like them too wide and I need some serious support when it comes to my arch… and that is about as far as it goes. So, after my run I took off the shoes and walked around. Some of the reviews read that their feet hurt or their toes were crushed. Well, IMO this shoe was perfect. My toes were never crushed and my feet were actually quite happy. So, in conclusion if you have wide feet and/or big toes don’t buy the WR14’s!

Happy Shoe Shopping!


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