It’s always hard to see the holidays pass so quickly. This year was a very special year for Daniel and I since it was our first Married Christmas. All three Christmases were a blast. First at his brothers condo in Atlanta and then his dads house. Then we hit my parents house for Christmas Eve where I discovered a new found love for footy pajamas. We spent the New Year with my family. Its always nice to ring it in with those you love. I was hoping we could go out for the New Year but we have FINALLY signed a lease for our new apartment and we were not able to spend the money to do so. Maybe next year. 😉 Instead of our lease being out in January next year it will be in February so thankfully it won’t be My birthday, Christmas, and moving piled into two short months. Since the job hunt has been a bust, I plan on hopefully getting a job at a book store while I continue my search. There is something charming about the thought of working at a bookstore. My friend Chelsea did it and it brought her good luck. Maybe being around all of those great writers everyday will inspire me to finally start my novel. I’ve only been planning it for a few years, although I am going to need a heck-of-a good editor. If only I could say that I made a good grade in my Creative Writing course. Stupid essays, he was always so unclear on the directions. At least he didn’t hate on my short stories too badly. He was a pretty harsh critic, but when one of my classmates compared me to Stephanie Meyer I almost ripped up my story right then and there. Not hating or anything, the woman made a crap ton of money and her books were definitely a guilty pleasure of mine but writing like her is not desirable. Anyway, today I was suppose to start my 10k training but unfortunately I am stuck with a pretty nasty cold and I’m running on a whopping 3 hours of sleep. Oh, and as for my new running shoes: the Wave Rider 14’s …. I definitely took them back. My knees did not agree with them. I traded them in for the newer model. The Wave Rider 15’s. I have only run with them once but they are definitely much more comfortable and its hard to miss me coming and going with the bright fuchsia color scheme. Dicks Sporting Goods did not have the bright yellow and turquoise which is what I originally wanted. Pink will just HAVE to do. I am hoping to shake this cold before the middle of the week! I need to get back to running/dieting. The holidays always make me gain a few pounds. Why not? Its the one time of the year everyone else gains weight. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em. The bad thing is that I still have so much Christmas candy left. WHEW. Sour patch kids and Chocolate oranges are definitely a WEAKNESS.

So here are some fun filled photos of our holiday!

Reindeer cake pops!

Christmas in Midtown ❤

Pretty people


Cash Family Christmas Tree and Moby the flying shark.

It’s not Christmas without Rudolph

Me+Footy PJ’s + Turbo = happy me!

Rockin’ Gold sparkly shoes for my Jackets on New Years Eve, too bad they lost in Overtime.

We love our GOLD

Good Luck meal for the New Year!


2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Glad to see you guys had a blast over the holiday season. It’s always nice getting to spend the holidays with the ones you love the most. I was fortunate enough to spend my holidays with a little bit of family this year. Now it’s on to moving half way around the world. Should be easy, right? Haha. I hope ya’lls move goes well too. I know you’re excited about moving out of your place. I hope you feel better soon and good luck with your running. I can’t stand running personally, so more power to you for that. 🙂 I can’t wait to see you guys and everyone else once we’re home again!

    • HAHA! Girl, I use to HATE running. Until I convinced myself to like it. Its weird I would spend 45 minutes on the Elliptical at the gym but nothing has beat the results I get when I run. So I suffer through 🙂 Have a safe move! Good luck with that halfway across the country thing :-/ ugh.

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