Hoarders- The Clothing Edition

I have come to realize that I am an absolute clothes hoarder. I went through my entire closet and EVERY drawer and did not pick ONE THING to even send to Goodwill or Plato’s Closet. I have this thing where I wouldn’t wear a piece of clothing for 2 years and then up and decide that it is “IN” again. I have countless tank tops that come in all colors (you never know when you’ll need them or if you find something that needs a bright blue under tank). It is sad, it really is. My roommate use to be able to go through her closet and take a whole trash bag of clothes to Plato’s closet and I would pick ONE THING that maybe I wore one time because it wasn’t very flattering.  I wouldn’t say I am a real live Hoarder (although if you came to my apartment right now you’d find boxes upon boxes of my living room already packed up-but that’s packing). I love to keep clothes because I have found that I use them eventually. Therefore, my closet will just have to stay overstuffed until the clothes are a) WAY out of style, b) have faded in color c) have holes in them. I do have one t-shirt from Hilton Head from The Salty Dog and its a classic Salty Dog Tee not the new hip one that they planted in PCB. It has been accidentally bleached and there are holes in it but I refuse to give it up because I love it so much. On many occasions my mom has tried to get me to toss it. I am also probably the worlds worst t-shirt hoarder. I still have softball tees from when I was like 8. I want to eventually pick out the good ones and make a quilt out of it – if only I could sew. Maybe I will learn one day.

Decor. I cannot wait to MOVE. I am so excited. I have a floral picture for my bathroom picked out already. I have about 8 pictures framed for my wedding collage that is going on my big blank wall in the living room. My mom helped me put it together it features: our wedding party, our parents, my cousin marrying us, and our first dance. I also have a HUGE 20×20 photo that I want to eventually get framed but I think that it would look better in a house and not so much an apartment. There is something about a huge wedding picture that is kinda weird. I want to eventually get it put in a sitting room or something like that, not so much the main room of our house. I also framed a 20×10 picture that is mainly mountain-scape that I want to put in the hallway or our office or maybe even our bedroom. I just don’t want people to think we are self-worshipping with all of these pictures of ourselves everywhere. We still have about 2 pictures from our engagement shoot, a picture of us with Old Time Photo from gatlinburg, one at the beach, and one from Casey and Roberts wedding. I guess I never thought of having pictures of yourself in your home a little conceited, but from what I have been reading as I put together the wedding collage, there can be too much YOU in one room of your own house. I never really thought of it. So, I am stealing the idea of my smart and wonderful friend Chelsea and creating a friends collage. I already know where I will hang it in our living room. I’m really excited to start this project because I already have the old Window that I used to make our wedding Menu. I don’t know if I’ll be able to scrape the paint off in order to use it properly but if not, I can use the black background on the other side and maybe get some glass to cover the photos. Or I could always go back to my very own Window lady here in Kennesaw to get another one, but I’d prefer to save money and try to use the one I already have. Anyway, I will post the process and the finished product as moving day commences and decorating begins!!!!

My Pinterest Inspiration!

Happy Decorating!


One thought on “Hoarders- The Clothing Edition

  1. I’m totally learning how to sew once we move back! Maybe we can learn together. I’m sure many entertaining events will be had. I’ve also begun to realize just how many pictures from our wedding we have framed, but they’re the only ones we have that are professional. I told Jason that once we move back home we’re getting more done that are just normal everyday, so that we can finally have something else other than our wedding photo’s framed in our house. I tried including old family photos are what not. I love having pictures up every where. I can’t wait to be home again. I’ll finally have ALL of my decorations to decorate with. We weren’t able to send any of our things out here when I got here. The Navy wouldn’t pay for it(Long story). I’m excited for you guys to move too. I know you’re both very excited to get away from where you are now. I can’t wait to come see it. Also I’d love to know where you get your windows. I love the idea and you said before that you were able to get a good deal on yours. Anyways…enough rambling, I hope ya’lls move goes smoothly and quickly!

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