Atlanta = <3

I wouldn’t say that I am an absolute expert on the city, but I have been around. After walking a total of 8 miles around the perimeter of Georgia Tech’s Campus in one day I would like to say I have a pretty good grasp on this place. Well, I’ve found out that isn’t even half of what this town has to offer. I’ve done the whole Centennial Olympic Park/Coca Cola/Georgia Aquarium/CNN thing -and in one day to be exact. I’ve eaten in Atlantic Station and partied in Midtown. I’ve hung out at Piedmont Park on beautiful sunny spring days. I went to Fern Bank when I was younger, and watched shows at Shakespeare’s Tavern.  You might call me Un-Atlantan on this one-I have never been to the Fox Theater, but I can tell you how to get there. I mean, my Junior prom was at Turner Field and my Senior prom was at The Georgia Aquarium. Braves Games- if I go a summer without seeing at least one, I would consider myself unAmerican. There are tons of things to do in this city. I have really only scraped the surface. There is also Stone Mountain, Six Flags, The Varsity, Underground Atlanta, Zoo Atlanta etc. Yesterday I found something I haven’t done in Atlanta that was pretty cheap in price and so much fun. I finally went to Sweetwater Brewing Co. for a tour and tastings. So, I am thinking this is something rarely done and it will be a lot like a wine tasting, right? Wrong. This was like a serious social event. People were LINED UP outside the doors to get in. We mistakenly got there early – and good thing we did because the line was halfway across the block when they finally started letting us all in. You have a choice of a free small “DD” cup or to purchase the pint sized souvenir cup and 6 tickets to taste the beers.  Then you walk into a huge room like a bar and you fight to get to the front in order to score some beer. There is also an outside area for your smoking pleasure and a bar outside as well, so you can just keep you and your charming cancer stick scent out there. I can’t imagine how packed this place would be in the summer because walking anywhere was like pushing through an obstacle course. We went on the tour and the people that work there are pretty rad. It is a really cool place to experience and I would put it on my list of top ten favorite things to do in this city. So what are my top 10 things to do in this city?

1. The Georgia Aquarium

– Duh, originally I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. This place is what I always wanted to be about. I went to Georgia Tech night at the Aquarium and we got to go on the behind the scenes tour. Hello Whale Shark!!!

2. The World of Coca Cola

-I mean, before I started dieting I use to bleed this stuff.

3. Centennial Olympic Park

-While you’re visiting the Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coke, you might as well stop and take in the history made here at the park. Yes, I have a brick.

4. See a Braves Game

-I grew up with Tom Glavine, David Justice, John Smoltz, Ryan Klesko, Javy Lopez, Greg Maddux, Steve Avery, Mark Lemke… you get it. Baseball was big with my Family. This is me and Dad after watching John Smoltz throw his 3000th strike out.

5. Hang out at Piedmont Park

-You never know what you might run into. In the summer they use to have this event “Screen On The Green” they’d bring out a theater style lawn screen and you could watch movies from it. I once saw Grease. Sometimes in the spring, the park has cool food vendors and other neat things to check out.

6. Stone Mountain

-Summer, Spring, Fall, and now Winter fun being had. They now have Christmas at Stone Mountain and Snow Mountain from Dec-Feb.

7. Night life in Midtown

-Fun places to eat and hang. My Favorite place to eat: Tin Lizzys. My Favorite place to hang: Flip Flops. There are also other clubs and bars that line Crescent Ave. Front Page News, Opera, Cosmo Lava etc.

8. Lenox Mall/Phipps Plaza

-Sure the shopping is for rich folks, but who wouldn’t mind a little window shopping at Tiffany’s?!?!

9. Visiting Little 5 Points

-This fun quirky place is home of the Vortex (delicious burgers at an artery clogging price!) and you can sometimes find cool shops like The Junkmans Daughter and art shows. Watch out for the beggers ;-).

10. Sweetwater 420 Fest/Sweetwater Brewing Co.

-The festival is the weekend closest to April 20th (FYI 420 is the name of one of their beers.) and I just checked out the Brewery yesterday and it was a BLAST.

Don’t Float The Mainstream!!!

p.s. I spared you all from me talking about my love for Georgia Tech… Yes, hanging out at Tech is in my top ten but not many people would actually go do it.

What are your Top Ten things to do in your City? If your city is ATL does your Top Ten differ from mine?

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!!!


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