Fitness and Seafood

Daniel and I have finally jumped back on the wagon. Yesterday, I ran a full 5k and I even cut 53 seconds off of it and I am pretty proud of myself. I have been having some knee pain and I am a little worried about it. I have always had a problem with my knees, even when I was younger I had a problem with them. After my run yesterday I couldn’t bend it without pain. I will say I think I jumped into running too hard after being sick for a week. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt at all this morning. Hopefully a couple days of rest will do it some good even though tomorrow is suppose to be my 5 mile day of my 10k training…. I just don’t see it happening with the way my knee is acting up. Tonight, I am going to Zumba at Casey’s gym. I am really excited! The only Zumba I have ever been to was one of the classes held at Kennesaw. It was…. interesting. I look like a new baby deer when I dance, but it is all in fun and fitness. Kennesaw fitness classes were the best, especially the yoga instructor I went to. I have always loved yoga ever since my first introduction to it about 5 years ago. Vinyasa Flow yoga is my favorite kind. That room would ALWAYS be packed and I always came out of that class with the craziest yoga high. I really miss having a yoga instructor. Youtubing yoga videos is not my idea of relaxation. Maybe once I have a good job I can start going to a yoga studio or heck, pay 20 bucks a year to go to the Kennesaw State University gym (Thank you Alumni discount!). Daniel is doing well also, he has gone to the gym every day this week and he played racquetball with his friend which in fact burns a whopping 600 calories in an hour!  Way to go babe! I am so proud of him. He also FINALLY got the invite to the website and I have joined it too! It’s a really cool social networking site for people who are trying to lose weight or trying to accomplish fitness goals. My two favorite groups that I have joined so far have been the Running group and the Yogis and Yoginis group. It’s such an awesome online community where you can ask other runners and yogis questions about ANYTHING regarding running or yoga. Pretty much the bomb. I recommend using it. If you would like, I could send you an invitation! (It’s kinda like Pinterest, its by invitation only and it took Daniel a LONG time to get his confirmed). I am still exploring the site and it is a fairly new concept in the realm of social networking and weight loss. I am so excited to be apart of a growing online fitness community! If you are already a member my username is StarFish14. Follow me!

So, I never got a chance to introduce you to my new favorite seafood place. Daniel and I went on our 2nd unknown dining date on Sunday (which means we have been married over three months now!). We planned to visit a couple of places, checked prices, and wrote them down. The first place we drove to had unfortunately been shut down. So, we decided on a really cute Louisiana style restaurant in Acworth which ended up being closed on Sundays. Two strike outs in a row! So, we began driving down old 41 and found this place called Marlin & Rays Seafood Bar and Gill (yes, gill-how clever!). I usually turn my nose up to seafood places because all I am ever interested in getting off the menu is fried. This time I told myself it was time to stop being typical and get something grilled or skewered. First, we started off with some Ray’s famous cheesy shrimp dip. All I can say is WOW… delicious. They serve ever meal with a bottomless salad and jalapeno cornbread (yum). For dinner I ordered the Marlin Sizzle which included a delicious, tender blackened tilapia, one yummy crab cake, and 3 skewered (and extremely delectable) jumbo shrimp. I don’t know what seasoning was on the shrimp but it was so flipping good. I ordered some really tasty grilled zucchini for my side. I will say I was STUFFED when I left and filled up on the best seafood I have eaten on this side of good ol’ Georgia.

My Plate


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