The Good Life

Wow, it has been a while since my last post. I have an excuse though, as many of you already know we have finally moved out of our little crappy apartment and into a much spacier place. A place I can finally make a chore list and follow it. Its been a little chilly to use my sunroom yet. I cannot wait until spring when I can open all the windows and sit there and read. With my new “Desperate Housewives” obsession I find myself in the living room more than the sunroom. The new place is wonderful so far. Daniel gets to Tech in 15 minutes. I am always surprised to get the “I’m here” text so soon after he leaves. I have not been able to take advantage of our indoor track (yet). I went to the doctor Tuesday and she said I probably just tore something. I wish she looked a little more into it. She sent me off with two weeks no running and an anti-inflammatory. I’m just thrilled… So, last night when Daniel went on his run I walked up to the gym here and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Unfortunately my knee didn’t like that too much either. I guess we’ll see how I am in two weeks. It was crazy, for those of you who have lived in apartment complexes-how often do you see people playing tennis on the courts? Well I can say that I have never seen people actually using them. Last night there were 2 tennis games going with two people waiting their turn. At the volleyball courts there were 2 teams playing it out and one waiting to play the winner. The basketball court had people playing in them. It was so awesome. People are actually active in this complex! Not to mention the gyms are PACKED (there is a 24 hour gym and the main gym). Hopefully I can make some volleyball friends so that when it gets warmer I can play. I also cannot WAIT to use the pools and the grilling areas. I have already ventured to the Chattahoochee trail that runs along the complex. Its kinda muddy to hike down there but once you are there its so beautiful and the track is amazing. This spring is going to be so awesome. In other news, I can say that I finally got a job and I start on Monday. Its going to be nice to be busy again. I am going to be working as a receptionist at an Animal Hospital 15 minutes from our new apartment. I have a lot to learn as far as Veterinary computer systems. Next week will be stressful. I think learning how to do a new job is the most stressful part about it. I will have to work on Saturdays but they are only open on half days on Saturday so, I will only have to work from 7:30-1:00 if I work on Saturdays and I won’t ever have to work on a Sunday! I’m glad to have one guaranteed weekend day off.  The scheduler usually tries to give every other Saturday. We’ll see. I am pretty excited.  I think once I learn how to do everything I am going to love it. I mean interacting with people and animals on a daily basis is k ind of a dream of mine (when I wanted to be a Vet when I was a kid). So, here’s to my 2012 finally beginning. Its about time.


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