Our Place.

I feel it is necessary to express my love for our new apartment. I spent at least a whole blog or two on absolutely hating the last one. I owe it to me and Dan to brag a little about our new living quarters. It’s not some nice house with a picket fence, or a fabulous condo on top of a sky scraper, we don’t have a yard or a concrete playground (well, we sorta do). However, this is our place. This is where we call home, and every time I walk in the door I couldn’t be happier than if I was walking into a mansion. I put some time and effort and thinking into decorating. Its not the perfect decor but I am really loving the way its coming together. I still want to touch up our window that was converted to a wedding menu and then back into a window and now into a hanging picture arrangement. This spacious apartment is perfect for Dan and I. Its big enough to breathe in (unlike our last apartment) but small enough so that cleaning doesn’t take me hours and hours. Its perfect for us right now. We’re definitely not willing to plant our feet yet. We have so much ahead of us. Who knows where we might end up. So, I have gathered some pictures of our new place to kinda take you on a virtual tour of the newest additions to our decor!

So, I made these yarn letters to go over our bed at the last place but I have found a new place to hang them!

I found this at Kirklands for like 20$ its suppose to go up and down but I like using it as an imaginary headboard. I think I need to lower it a little… hmm…

Finally my window. I think I want to put different colored/design paper behind the pictures, it looks kinda bare right now.

What I like to call our wedding wall. I had a hard time trying to place these in the right place. I was going to put them in the hallway but I really bought the quote and heart for that wall specifically. So, I made it work the best I could. (and of course my favorite couch of all time)

So, there you have it. Most of you have already seen these on Facebook but I thought a blog would be cool. I still have some things to add as far as bringing in my big jewelry box and some little changes here and there but we’ll see!

Happy Decorating!


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