I’ve somehow developed a love/hate relationship with running. Its the same attitude I had when I first started out with running to begin with. Hate doing it, love how it makes me feel afterwards. Only about 4 weeks ago I loved to lace up. I loved the feeling before, during, and after. Lately, I haven’t been as excited about it. I am tired when I get home and honestly on my off days I just want to sleep. My runs have horrible times and I feel horrible during them. I can’t decide if its my lack of sleep, my lack of relaxation time, or the damned hills I have to face during my run. If I were to take a bet, I would pick all three as a combo. We can eliminate the hills when summer comes because the sun will be out long enough for us to run down by the Chattahoochee.  As for my lack of sleep and relaxation a 10 hour work day is something I unfortunately can’t change. Hopefully I’ll get used to soon and once the time changes I’ll be able to enjoy running a lot more. For now though, I will suffer through hills, sleepiness, and irritability to reach my 10K goal. I am using Ease to 10K the same company who started the Couch to 5k program.

This is what it looks like:

So, I am on W2D3 (I will run it on Friday). I had a horrible run last night but hopefully I can redeem myself tomorrow night!


P.S. my husband and I have entered a contest to win 2 nights stay in the mountains we were married and a $50 gift card to a restaurant in Blue Ridge. Please PLEASE help us when by following the link, MAKE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN, and vote for the picture captioned “Kelly and Daniel VanBeek” please help us win this amazing mountain getaway!!!!!!

I would kill for a nice getaway with my new husband 😉

Thanks, Ya’ll!



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