Getting My Groove Back

As you can see I have kinda been slacking on my writing. I really do miss it but starting a post, rereading it, then realizing everything in the post sounding incredibly stupid has been my problem lately. So, we are going to focus on one thing (maybe, lol) today. Lets talk about running. As you (may) know I have been training for a 10K. I have not signed up for one yet but I want to actually be able to do one before I go run one. My last post indicated my love/hate relationship with this simple little hobby. I would dread it every time I went out. I was just not feeling the motivation to go out. My runs would be a joke (10:30 run pace? ummm, that’s a light jog)…I blamed it on the hills and I blamed it on being tired from work. The reasons for being so unmotivated were racking up. Then, one night after I had such a bad run I didn’t even post it, that’s when my friend Meri messaged me. She stated that she had read my love/hate post about running and that she was sent an article and thought of me. Basically its written by this guy who is not only working on his PhD but, does not eat meat and is able to RUN LONG DISTANCES…. like… very long distances. So, here is the post that has helped me slowly get out of my funk and…

Get back into my groove.

While all the tips were amazing there was one the specifically stuck with me. Number 2: “Run Less” I have been so focused on making my time faster, running longer, and pushing harder that I forgot how much I just like to go out for a lovely jog, enjoy the weather/view around me, and embrace the wind in my face as I go. So, realizing this, last Friday I decided to run a 5k with my Daniel. Just let go of my training program and run. I went so far as to not even calculate my time. It felt good. We also got to run down by the Chattahoochee River and got caught in a heavy downpour of rain just after finishing.

Us, afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

We have signed up for 2 5k’s in the next 2 months. One being the Run For Orphans 5k in Alpharettaย and the Pi Mile at Georgia Tech on April 14th. In lieu of our Pi Mile registration we are actually going to go check out the course today… and since I don’t know it very well I’ll have to stay behind with the husband ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, I gotta go enjoy my run!

Happy running, y’all!


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