Limping Through Life

It has been quite some time since my last post. The title of this one really captures the recent leaps and bounds I have had to overcome lately. First, with the death of my very best friend, next, I lost my only ‘out’ to the stressors in  my life. Both which happened on the very same day. There is doubt that March 25th was the absolute worst day of my life. The day I lost my Turbo, I also lost my ability to run(but wasn’t smart/aware enough to realize it yet). Instead of recognizing my injury I decided to charge head strong into my first ever 5k race. I didn’t run at ALL the week of the race so that my ankle would have time to heal. March 31st I ran my personal best time at 25:48. The last 1/2 mile of that race, I gave it my all. I gave everything I knew Turbo gave the last couple days of his life. As I crossed the finish line there was a tear or two going down my face with anger. I had made it, he didn’t. That is the last time I have run, my first race is my last race, well for now. To me it was everything. I put every speck of energy I had in my first race, for me and for my Turbo.  I also FRACTURED my foot in the process. Yes, I know I am an idiot but the amount of strength I put in that race made me think of my Turbo and the amount of strength he showed and gave me through out his life.

I am, however, happy to say that we have adopted a new member to the VanBeek family. The day after my race I was feeling lonely, sad, and angry. Daniel and I decided to take a trip to the Atlanta Humane Society to “just see” what they had. What we saw, was her. As we were walking past the second to last puppy bin full of potential 60-80 lb dogs we came across this little girl with bright eyes and a wagging tail. She caught my eye and immediately made her way to us. The Human society said she could be anywhere from 50-60lbs and knowing we didn’t have a facility for such an animal, I didn’t even care. As avid runners we’d be able to take her on those daily 3 mile treks. So we agreed as a couple to rescue her. Our Molly. I just couldn’t leave her there after holding her adorable wiggling  self. Adoption, something I have always wanted to do since, well, forever. Why pay over 500 dollars for a possibly overbred dog for one who could love you just as much, and give you just as much joy. So far, we have had some biting problems, but other than that she is a peach. I know this is rushing things but I can’t wait until she grows out of the biting! She is doing MUCH better though. I am excited to raise our first puppy baby with Daniel. I even talk to Molly about her brother Turbo, how great he was and how great she’ll be. For now though, I am still limping through the first part of this year. Physically and emotionally.

Stupid Foot, I go to the Orthopedic on Wednesday

My Turbo on his Birthday this year.

Molly Mae, her ear is trying to stand up? Maybe. who knows.

We fixed Turbos Grave. Having Turbo and grave in the same sentence still doesn’t taste right on the tongue, I don’t think it ever will.




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