Let Me Update Ya

We are finally back to running. My body couldn’t be any happier.  This time I have started on week four of the ease to 10k program. I have had a couple runs in the last few weeks and even a 5k that I am very proud of, but I feel its best to ease back in to this running thing. As far as my injury goes, the Dr. okayed for me to get back to my hobby about 3 months ago. Even though my ankle is “healed” I have (and had) a hard time mentally thinking about my broken bone on my run. Any little twinge of possible pain or a pulled muscle sends me loping back into a light jog. Anytime I feel like I should take it easy, I just take Molly with me (running with Molly = stopping every 5 minutes) but hey, shes getting better. As for married life, its been great. We have had our ups and downs pretty much like everyone. Starting off our year with so many changes and challenges shook things up a little. Using our words is probably the best thing. I hope that never changes. Talking things out is most important. Listening is right up there too. We have still been going on our dates every month on the 8th, its always nice to stop the world around you and just enjoy each other over a dinner. We’ve seen more farmers markets this year than last year. We have been to the Green Market at Piedmont Park and I believe that has been my favorite. We have also enjoyed the Sandy Springs Farmers Market, The Marietta Farmers Market, and The Alpharetta Farmers Market. All are good for a nice gathering of fresh produce and amazing people to talk to. If you haven’t ever experienced a farmers market, you need to go. Use that fancy finger of yours to Google your own local farmers market and GO! One recommendation is to go early, especially in the summer months because it is HOT out there! I hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Oh, yeah. Molly Says Hi!



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