New Goals for a New Me

This time last year I was watching the weight practically melt off of my body. This year it feels like it keeps piling on and I can already tell you why. I am not fat by any means, but I will say I have thickened out. My thighs touch…I hate it when my  thighs touch. This time last year I was OBSESSIVE about what I ate and I was very adamant about running. After the wedding and getting back to my normal food eating(and drinking) strategies, I realized how absolutely obsessed I was about counting calories and I am not to sure it was a healthy plan for me. I will say it got the results that I had been looking for and I weighed a whopping 112 pound on my wedding day, and just in January I weighed 114 (which is where I would like to be now and probably would be if I hadn’t broken my ankle). I believe that its time to get back to counting calories but maybe not so hardcore this time. There are a few things I know will help me out on finding my way back to feeling healthy and fit (even though to the non-criticizing eye I look the same as last year).

1. Put down the beer/wine and pick up the water (number 1 for a number of reasons)- With football season among us this is going to be a toughie. I love a good beer during the game (and lets be honest, with Tech football, we tend to have to drowned our sorrows- A LOT). Alcohol (as most people know) dehydrates the absolute HECK out of you, all parts of you. Have you ever seen that bar broad that clearly spends every night drinking, wh0 looks like shes 60 but she’s actually 40? Yeah, she kinda looks like a raisin. Now, I wouldn’t say I am a huge drinker, but I like wine tasting and a good solid beer night at Taco Mac. I have found that it does make a difference. Last year Daniel and I stopped drinking for 3 months straight and I think that it was a huge contributor in both of our weight loss. I’m probably not going to be giving it up completely, but I will be watching myself and how much I consume.

2. Put down soda- This has been hard for me lately too. Its not like I drink a soda with every meal (I have been good about avoiding soda when I am eating and I actually crave water). However, that daily Redbull really helps me pick up the pace during my work days (that is A LOT of sugar, people). My goal is to stop all soda consumption.

3. Make time to run, but also make time to train- Ok, so this is something that I really need to work on. I run and then I’m done. I have stopped doing yoga on my off days. And since I am training for this half-marathon Turkey Trot, I am suppose to be training on some of my off days. Well, we have not been participating in the cross training aspect and I would love to get better about getting myself active when I’m not pushing through our runs.

4. Goodbye big portion sizes and restaurant calories- Another one that is my kryptonite. I love going out to eat, but when going out to eat you can almost guarantee you will be consuming 2000+ calories in one sitting (unless you eat the “good stuff”) its kinda bad. I love eating out. I love the atmosphere, I love the food, I love slowing down and spending time with Daniel while om noming some real good deliciousness. I will say I have taken the initiative and I am bringing my lunch to work everyday (which is a huge help). Going out to eat for lunch and then going out for dinner can definitely pack on some extra poundage.

So these are a few of my goals for getting back to a happier and healthier me. Try not to be to obsessive with my weight, but understand my goals and try to meet them. I think this time it’ll be healthier for me mentally and physically.


Me, about 12 pounds lighter:


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