And This is Crazy…

Ok. So, I don’t even know what week I am on with my Half-Marathon training. All I know is that Saturday afternoon I will be enduring the longest run of my very life. 6 miles. Something I NEVER thought I would EVER do. Sure, I always said I would get there in the far FAR future. I mean c’mon, 1 whole hour of running (unless you are fast ;-)) that is A LOT of running (and then I remember, I am actually aiming for 13 miles of running – I must be crazy). As most of you know running has never really been a positive experience for me until last year. Years upon YEARS with coaches of sports such as Softball, Volleyball, Basketball etc. always used this wonderful thing against me. So here I am, ready to go on a 6 MILE RUN because I want to? I’m sorry, but that is just unreal to me. I guess I shall report back on Sunday with the details.

As far as the 5 mile run I did last weekend, after the 5k it was a FIGHT to the finish. Definitely a bummer compared to my 4 mile fun run this afternoon (or, that’s what it felt like). I just have to remember to eat before because if I don’t it’ll be an ugly show. I would also like to give a shout out to my girl Carly Rae Jepsen for my .25 mile sprint to the finish. Anyway, my busy weekend starts with my absolute FAVORITE parade (besides Macy’s Thanksgiving) the Dragon*Con Parade. My parents went all out this year, they have a house rented in Midtown and tickets to the actual convention. I am jealous but unfortunately, extremely broke… almost all of the time. After the parade will be our 6 miler and a BBQ with friends! Sunday is a day of rest and Monday morning you will find Daniel and I at the Hickory Flat Out 5k. Oh, a little trip back to the home town for some running is nice. I am pretty excited but, I am even MORE excited about the fact the Georgia Tech Football begins on Monday night! Hallelujah! praise god, ‘merica, football… whatever. All I can say is that I have my lacy mustard colored skirt and my flowing white top pressed and ready for take off. I’m ready, bring it!

I also have exciting news about a new Yoga center that I will hopefully be trying out next week (budget weather permitting). I think I am going to ask for a month unlimited for our anniversary 🙂 or my birthday, or christmas, or forever… who knows. I guess we’ll see!


I love this river and running beside it.

Stay tuned! My Best friend gets married next weekend!!!!


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