Run Forrest Run!

Wow, what a weekend? I feel like I did not get any rest at all!

Lets start off with Saturday morning Dragon*Con madness. I am always up for a good Wookie siting. Mainly because I use to call Turbo my little Wookie. We rolled out of bed around 7:00 and started the morning by picking out our nerdwear and heading downtown on our one and only public transportation train, MARTA.  We got there an hour before the parade, but thank goodness we staked out our seats early because the streets were PACKED with people. I absolutely enjoyed the parade (as I did last year). You just can’t beat watching zombies dancing down the street to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (and they had the dance down and everything). Plus Storm Troopers in bowties? It just doesn’t get better than that.

Lets fast forward to Saturday afternoon. This was the run I had been waiting for (and quite frankly, dreading). Some people run 6+ miles everyday. I guess I can hope to get on their level but for now I will stick with my “long” runs on the weekends only. As for this particular run, I made pretty good time. I think the only thing that slowed me down was that the halfway mark for the 6 miles is totally the end point for my 5k run. So, turning around and going BACK was more hideous in thought than how it actually felt. I honestly took 6 miles a lot better than 5 miles, although it is definitely time to invest a water carrying mechanism. Preferably a Camelbak or something of that nature. I just don’t think I would appreciate the water carrying fanny-pack and the hand held water bottles tend to make me feel hot because my hands get heated and sweaty. I seriously did not know how much I enjoyed having free hands on my runs until I lugged my water bottle with me on Saturday. I have to say I am very happy about my run on Saturday. I made good time (in my opinion) and I didn’t give up or walk. Plus, I felt like a beast afterwards.



Sunday, Daniel and I slept in and went to the 11:00 Church service. We also took Molly to the dog park and then headed over to my parents house to be lazy and spend the night for the Hickory Flat Out 5k race on Monday morning.

Race day went swimmingly and I not only beat my personal record, I also won first in my female age group! This kind of thing doesn’t really happen to me, so we left before the award ceremony and I accidentally skipped out on my award! Hopefully, I will be able to get it from an awesome fellow runner and friend who was (fortunately for me) working the race that day! I will say, the race felt amazing. I thought I would be beat up from the 6 miles we accomplished on Saturday, but when I ran by the 2 mile marker and the time guy called out 16:08 I almost fainted in complete shock. I haven’t run at that pace… apparently ever, but I haven’t TRIED to run at that pace since I broke my stupid ankle.

As for Monday night… we won’t talk about it. Monday night college football doesn’t count right? Darn Turkeys whooped us in overtime.

I hope your 3 day weekend was as tiring and fun as mine! Otherwise, get off the couch this weekend and go somewhere! Anywhere!



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