Move, Move; Shake, Shake.

Wow, busy does not even describe the last three weekends. Started off this weekend right with my friend Cindy’s birthday dinner on Friday night. Then Husband and I woke up at the crack of dawn to run the 5k sponsored by my company. We both received awards for being first in our age group! We then found ourselves on Tech campus tailgate hopping and hanging out with friends and of course we got to watch The Yellow Jackets put a hurtin’ on the Virginia Cavaliers. I sure am glad that my first Tech game of the season(on campus) wasn’t too stressful. After the game it literally felt like I was trampled by a hundred thousand gazelle, every part of my body was in pain and I was exhausted.  We ended our evening with our neighbors watching football and hanging out. They made these incredible enchiladas and I must get my hands on this recipe.

Marathon training. All it is right now is crazy talk. We have not yet proceeded past 6 miles. Last week there was no time between my best friends wedding preparation and the actual wedding and this week we had signed up for the 5k (after how I felt last night and this morning, running is not an option today). I have found that 4 miles is slowly becoming my favorite distance to run. I remember thinking it was going to be so hard but lately a nice 4 miler sounds a lot better than attempting the 7 and 8 miles we should have been running the past two weeks. Anyway, we hope to be back on track next week, but we shall see.

On my runs I have really made time to ponder the mysteries of life and love and health (etc., etc.). Lately, I have been thinking about how women think of their bodies. If you look around you, you will see everyone has a completely different figure. Different shapes, sizes, and well, complaints about their own body. I hear my friends talking about hating their bodies, and I’ll tell you right now I have hated the shortness and bulkiness of my torso since FOREVER. However, I have noticed that I tend to hate it a little more each year. When I was 15/16 I hated my body and I look back and want to smack the heck out of myself. I looked good. Now that I am a little older and (let’s be honest) my hips are definitely wider, I hate my body from my thighs to the middle of my torso. I just want a new one. But this is a vicious cycle. Every ten years we will look back and smirk at how we thought our bodies sucked back then. Wishing and hoping we could have that time back to appreciate ourselves and rock what our mama’s gave us. I have noticed that I have somehow been programmed to look in the mirror and pick out everything wrong with me and I know that it has been programmed in almost all women. So, I want all women and men to look in the mirror and pick out all of the things you like about yourself. Whether it is your body, your brains, your witty personality, your sexy legs, your ballerina feet. Whatever makes you happy about yourself tell yourself how pretty your are. Confidence is sexy. I honestly think this should happen every single day.  So, today I am going to take an oath to appreciate my hard work (running), my legs, even my stubby torso, and my 24 year old self.

Shake what your mama gave ya!

I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from GaTech and A helluva Engineer’s Wife 😉


Have a good Sunday!


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