An Unusual Thing

Being that Halloween is around the corner and everyone loves a good story, I thought that this would be the appropriate time to tell mine. I like to believe that there is a place for all of Gods creatures in the Kingdom of Heaven, but I have also heard of what some people refer to as the “in-between” or maybe it is just a small second of one strange happening. My story is not of a vengeful spirit or the mysteries of a haunted Ouija board. My story is such a miniscule happening that I’m sure a cynic would dissect it, come up with explanations, and write it off. However, I believe it is something special. I think it is strange that I never thought to write about it until now. My story starts on the absolute worst day of my life so far. Most of you know that this was the day I lost my furry best friend. The day I had to make the worst decision I have had to make yet.

I was in a dizzy haze. I walked out of the cold room and my sight was blurred from the salty streams that stained my face. Pain was evident in ever part of my being. As I walked into the waiting area other pet owners gave me the look, I know that at least half of them have been in my shoes. At that point, I did not feel like I had made the right decision. Nothing felt right about watching my once energetic, fun loving, little boy drift off into a permanent sleep. Guilt came over me, the hurt was unbearable. Just thinking about where he went after he fell to sleep. He was just gone and it all happened so quickly. I headed to the car and the vet tech came out with my little boy wrapped up nicely in a blue blanket. I sat up front while my mom cradled him in her arms as we drove off.

The ride was painfully silent. I was out of tears, but the hurt remained solid as I began to think about how he was just fine about a week ago. I just couldn’t understand why he had to leave me so soon. Just when we were turning off of 575 is when it happened. My mom’s phone began to bark, it was the ringtone from her IPhone. I was so angry. What was she doing back there? How could she be playing with her phone like that? Nobody said anything and we kept driving on. I had forgotten about the incident it until the next day when mom came up to me talking about how weird the car ride was. The look on her face told me that she had nothing to do with the barking on her phone. I asked her how her phone could have done that. There was no way, her phone was on silent and she doesn’t even have the barking ringtone set to anyone or anything. It was also locked with her number code when she put it in her purse, so there was no way buttons could have been accidentally pressed. I stood there in shock. It is my firm belief, without a glimmer of a doubt that Turbo was telling us goodbye and that he was safe. Sometimes I think I see him out of the corner of my eye, or that I feel him next to me on the floor while I am writing. I am not one who believes in ghosts, but I do believe that he is with me always.

Do you have an unusual or paranormal story?



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