Lulling Around


A word that is now what feels like a distant memory in my life. Who am I? Lazy and unhealthy days of Fall have taken over me. Running use to be my get away. The time in my day where I was able to think, breathe, and be one with my body. I have gone through a running lull before but I had the excuse of a broken ankle the first time. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think I honestly got bored with my running routine. I was ever only able to run 5k’s because otherwise I would be too tired to come home and clean before going to bed and I didn’t want to stoop down to 1 or 2 miles because I am better than that and I know I can run further. Now since the time has changed, I don’t even know if the sun will be up long enough for me to get out there and run after work. I guess running through our treacherously hilly complex will have to do for the days I can’t get out before dark. I am truly going to miss walking down to the river to go run. I already miss the days where I could go out at noon. I am not even motivated right now. Sitting here bundled in my sweatshirt and my pup with her head in my lap. I don’t even want to move. I guess I need to find self motivation because my other half certainly isn’t going to help me find it. The last few runs we have been on together we have been disappointed with our times. I basically had to drag him out of the house, too. I need him on the days where I need to be dragged out of the house, but instead he agrees that we should stay in a cuddle on the couch. So, what I am going to do about it?

I suppose this week I am going to push myself to get out there. I am going to eat healthier and run faster. Every time I feel the need to wrap myself up in a ton of blankets and watch TV I am going to tear myself away from the thought and think about how much my body will thank me for getting out there and running. I am going to be thankful for my ability to be mobile and use it to feed my body the work it needs to stay fit and happy. That’s what I am going to do.

How do you motivate yourself out of a lull?

She’s just so cuddly!


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