The “Kennesaw, GA” of St. Louis

It has been almost two weeks since our trip to St. Louis. Sorry for the delayed update! We have been so busy. So, our trip was awesome but very rushed. We were on a mission. That mission being that we needed to find an apartment. We did! Twice…

We spent Friday afternoon/night looking at apartments in the suburbs and ended up finding a place that is a lot like our current apartment (with more closet space). I was almost sure this was the one. I knew it was. The area reminds me of Kennesaw, GA and there is a sushi restaurant in walking distance. I was set. We decided to hold off and wait until we looked at one last apartment in the Central West End of St. Louis.

Can you say charming? This place was perfect. As I looked at it, I told myself that this was so most definitely “me”.  When I think of city life, this was it. This was what I wanted. Beautiful bar/restaurant/boutique lined streets. Walking distance from the park. We made the quick decision to sign the lease for a lovely apartment in the CWE called the Chesterfield. The excitement of living in such a urban chic area with places to walk and people our age completely blinded me from the fact that…well, it is mere blocks from not-so-nice areas (as are a lot of areas in Atlanta, but not knowing the city….)

After signing our lease, everyone that we met while we were visiting had something negative to say about living in the CWE area. Muggings, shootings, stolen cars, “You need to watch yourself”, “carry mace” etc. was enough to flood my mind and completely crush my CWE city living fantasy. Thoughts of innocently sipping lattes on quaint restaurant patios with Molly by my side was replaced with walking feared dark streets and ripping gunshots. Sure, my mind exaggerated what everyone told us, but even my gut told me to stick to what I knew. Especially with moving to a different state/city. Plus these people have lived in/around St. Louis their whole lives… I should trust them. Right?

Needless to say we settled on the apartment in what I would deem the “Kennesaw, GA” of St. Louis. My need to feel safe in a place where the closest person I know and trust is 9 hours away, turned me off to the CWE.

As much as I hated telling the Chesterfield that we decided not to go with them, I knew that I had made the right decision for me. I guess my beautiful apartment in the city will have to wait. Maybe after I develop a feel for this place, I will be confident enough to experience CWE life… or maybe we’ll just visit often (like, every weekend).

On the random fun side, Daniel and I decided to explore a bar in St. Charles while we were out there. Best people watching experience… ever. This girl even told me she liked my outfit. Daniel told her that I shopped at Francesca’s. She said “Oh yeah, that’s like a new thing!”… She was so sweet, but I chuckled to myself as she walked away because all I really wanted to say was “That’s how we have been doing it in the south!” (I’m sure my southern pride is going stick out more than ever once we move). In other sad news, all I saw was Pepsi out there…. that is just not going to work for this Atlanta girl. Coca Cola for life!

Happy Trails!


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