Good Morning, St. Louis.

Hello everyone! Here we are in St. Louis. It is a rainy day today but the past few days have been beautiful. We have yet to see snow stick which I am hoping we will get to see at least once this year. There was snow on the ground when we got here but the recent warm up has melted it. I have so far conquered a lot in the past few days. I have programmed radio stations in my car, found my new favorite sushi restaurant, located the closest grocery store, pharmacy, and mall. For those who don’t know, Kroger and Publix don’t exist here in The Lou. Instead there are Schnucks and Dierbergs. I’m really going to miss those Publix commercials. However, our Schnucks has a digital recipe selector kiosk. Yep, you can choose what kind of recipe you want to make and it will give you a list of recipes and what you need to buy to make it. I haven’t used it yet, but its pretty sweet from what I can tell. I’m sure it will come in handy. The apartment is looking more and more like a place to live everyday. I get more things hung on the wall and more stuff put up in the right place. We are getting our dryer delivered Saturday. So, as of right now we have a pile of laundry a mile high. I haven’t been too homesick yet. Right now I think it just feels more like vacation and less like we actually live here. I guess that will change over the next few weeks! 

Happy Thursday! We’re almost to the weekend!



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