Resolution Fail

Ok, so lets be honest here. Some of you know that Husband and I had made a New Years Resolution to run at least a mile everyday of 2013 if not more. Well, we did so well up until the day we moved. Daniel was so hellbent on doing it the day we drove. He could have done it if his lady counterpart (being me) didn’t wimp out and want to rest after driving so far. Between driving that long 9 hours, getting unpacked, entertaining our parents and showing them our new city, and Husband starting his new job immediately, we completely failed. Time was so precious those 4 days my parents were here. I wanted to spend every waking moment with them while showing them my new cool place to live. As a jobless stay at home wife, I have been able to keep it up since then. I took the dog with me on reasonably warmer days and I run a mile or two on the treadmill every week day. This weekend I am going to try and encourage Husband to jump back on the wagon with me.

St. Louis has so far been so good to us. We’ve already met some really cool people. There are so many things to do and places to see that I haven’t really been able to get homesick because I still feel like this is somewhat of a vacation. It still feels like I could hop in the car and drive 30 minutes to see my parents. My most feared part about this whole feeling is when it ends. Another scary part about this is when I get a job I can’t just get up and go home whenever I need or want to. I guess I have to get over that soon because I cannot keep my career on track by sitting around in a housecoat cleaning all day. Anyway, I have had fun being a stay at home wife for now. My house is always clean, my laundry always done, my dog has become my best friend. I’m only ever stressed when I try new things for dinner. I will say that it is pretty dang cold up here. We have had some stray warm days that reached 50’s and 60’s which was nice but everyday since those have gone, we have woken up to 19 degree weather. As a lot of you know, cold weather like that makes the motivation level drop VERY low. Today, I am getting out of the apartment for a little while. I have some Loft gift cards that need to be spent and some accumulated Christmas money that Francesca’s is begging me to spend.

Bundled up for a walk!

Bundled up for a walk!


Hope Y’all are having a HAPPY Thursday!


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