We have been so lucky to be able to take full advantage of our weekends to explore the city. It has been such a blast so far! Friday we spent it exploring a couple different restaurants in Maplewood as well as deciding on a living social deal to go to Jumpin’ Jupiter. Which was pretty fun and last minute so it was all spontaneous. For those of you who don’t know, St. Louis is FULL of different neighborhoods and restaurants. For my Georgia friends It’s like Old Roswell/Virginia Highlands but EVERYWHERE and all of them are different in their own ways.

The pretty bar at Jumpin Jupiter

The pretty bar at Jumpin Jupiter

Saturday our awesome new friends invited us out to the Delmar Loop to enjoy the Ice Carnival and Festival. We had a blast! There was so much to see and do and we even got lucky with the 60-65 degree weather! They had a bar crawl that was putt putt themed and a lot of the bars crafted putt putt holes which formed a course of 12 holes. We only got to like 7 or 8, but it was really fun and relaxed. We also got to visit the roof top of the Moonrise Hotel. Complete with a bar, a skateboard ramp, and an awesome view of St. Louis and the human dog sled races going on below. We really had an amazing time and I can’t wait to explore more neighborhoods around here.

Roof top of the Moonrise Hotel

Roof top of the Moonrise Hotel

Tonight we have been invited to a wine club meeting by our friends. It is going to be held in a 135 year old building displaying works of art from local artist. Everyone either brings a bottle of wine or an appetizer that everyone can try. Since its our first time we have decided we should bring both. I’m really excited and after my work out today I have to get out and get our groceries so I can make our appetizer.

We bought a Groupon with our friends for a fancy Brazilian restaurant and will be doing that this Friday. I’m really excited! We’re just living it up out here!

I have gotten homesick. I knew it was coming eventually. Yesterday I had a little moment. I just wanted to go home so bad and I really missed my mom and dad. Today isn’t as bad but I’m definitely missing my family. Hopefully our new friends and the anticipation of a busy, exciting weekend will help. Hope you are all feeling fine and having a lovely Tuesday!


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