The Dog Ate My Jewelry

It all started with a knock on the door. Molly had been playing with her bones and her tennis ball all night picking them up, chewing them, and dropping them on the floor. She was in puppy heaven. Until our neighbors came to complain about all of the noise she was making. Molly and I watched and Husband gathered her toys and put them high on the dresser where she couldn’t reach. I felt so bad for her. She whined for a little while and tried to jump up to get them but she eventually gave up. I decided I would bring her something not as noisy from the grocery store the next day. That night I got ready for bed and we all cuddled up to go to sleep.

The next morning Husband kissed me goodbye and I dragged myself out of bed to start my daily chores. When it came time to get ready for my workout I realized I hadn’t put my wedding rings on yet. Remembering that I had covered the backs of my cracked wintered hands in lotion last night I walked into our bedroom to the night stand. I guess I forgot to put them back on. They weren’t there. So, I checked my bathroom and they weren’t there either. When I walked back in our bedroom I saw my wedding band on the floor. My engagement ring HAD to be somewhere around the bed too. I lifted covers, looked under dressers, pulled off my sheets, took my pillows out of the cases, and once I had triple checked everything I began to PANIC. I was crying and tearing through the sheets and the comforters again desperately hoping that it was wrapped in the covers. That’s when I began my search in the living room. To ease my panic and get a small laugh I texted husband somewhat jokingly accusing the dog of eating my ring, he highly doubted it. My search continued and I thought maybe Husband unknowingly kicked it under the sofa or something.  I crawled on the floor, tears dripping down my face. It had to be here somewhere. All of a sudden something shiny catches my eye but the glimmer of hope quickly vanishes when I realize that it is the back of an earring.

…And then it hits me…

My pearl earrings were also on the nightstand because I was too tired (aka lazy) to go put them back in my jewelry box. I slowly walk back into the bedroom studying the back to my earring when I catch the glimmer of the back to my other earring. I turned to look at the dog who was watching me intently. I walked over to her and she looked guilty as all hell. She was just laying there. She hadn’t moved since she heard me sobbing in the bedroom. I asked her if she did it and she started to shake.


My dog ate my jewelry and probably to get me back for taking her toys. I took her to the vet to get x-rays. Sure enough my earrings and my engagement ring were there in the pit of my dogs stomach. So far we have retrieved the pearl earrings. Unfortunately, they came out deformed. I am hoping and praying for a miracle that we see the ring today or it might mean surgery for the little one. Putting my pup under makes me feel uneasy but I guess we’ll have to see…



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