So, as of right now I’m sick but I’m walking on the treadmill so forgive me if I have a couple of misspellings. I want this cold to completely gone before Husband and I start crossfit on Tuesday. We went to the trial class last Saturday and hated to love it so we are starting our 9 onramp classes Tuesday (pushed back only because of my stupid cold). Yesterday, I sat on the couch all day so I thought I would take the dog on a good walk and then come to the gym to walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Anyway, between joining new workout plans, cleaning the house, apply for jobs, and planning dinners I found some time to get a little crafty.

I have fallen to the trend that is “Smashbooking.” I’ve never really been a huge fan of scrap booking until I saw one of these babies. I probably should have gotten really crafty and made my very own but instead I bought a kit to start myself off with. At least, for my first Smashbook. I went to Michaels and they have this nifty little kit that comes with a few things to get started.
1. The Book
2. The smash pen: fine tip sharpie on one side, glue stick on the other.
3. Fancy tapes some with phrases on them
4. Fancy paper clips
5. Stickers
6. A mini Smashbook
7. A notepad with write-in “top tens” on them.

Among a few of the goodies.

Since it is my first one I didn’t really put much thought into the materials I needed to fill the pages.

When it came time for me to want to be really creative, I found myself in my drawers and drawers of wedding/shower cards, left over thank you cards, magazines, etc. (to give some examples) and I began to cut.

I’m a little embarrassed to post some of my creations simply because I’m a newbie to “scrap booking” in general, but luckily the Smashbook is unorganized and pretty much whatever you want to do in the moment. So, I just went with it! It’s something I can really get into because I have so many ticket stubs saved and receipts that I finally have a place for! Not to mention the journaling potential it offers (and I LOVE to journal, obviously). So, here is what I’m calling my newbie Frankensmashbook.


The Honeymoon page!

The first page!

Still working on this one. Top ten fav. Places 🙂

Have you ever thought of Smashbooking? Would you? Come on join the trend!


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