Beauty and The Beast

When Husband first mentioned Crossfit to me, I “knew” what I was getting myself into. Those people work hard. Those people are serious about lifting.

I am a running, yoga stretching, zumba shaking, type of girl or, at least I thought I was. Before I knew it I was hanging from a bar trying desperately to lift myself up for the last of my first set of 10 pull ups (with bands). I mainly started Crossfit because it was something Husband was interested in trying. I rarely turn down a challenge and who said I couldn’t do this? Turns out I like to torture myself with back squats, thrusters, and burpees.

I am no expert, and I am certainly not ‘good’ at Crossfit yet. My forms are sloppy and I lack flexibility in my hamstrings. So far, however, I feel like it’s really something  I could get into. I will definitely still continue running, and yoga is going to be my savior when it comes to soreness and flexibility. My thing is trying to find a perfect balance between training for my Half Marathon this year and doing Crossfit. One of the trainers mentioned that when I get through the OnRamp classes I might be interested in the endurance Crossfit training classes. Something I am very interested in. I just think of it as adding another fitness type to my list. And… doing back squats yesterday with weight on the bar totally made me feel like a beast. Something I could really get use to. I have still been struggling with the “bulky” aspect of Crossfit… but I would kill for one of these girls butts or ab’s. If you are hesitant, you should at least try it out. Go for a trial class! The one here was free and you could decide if it was something you were interested in or not before paying for classes. As for my girl readers, check out this video. Daniel showed it to me when I was having doubts about Crossfit and it inspired me. I hope it inspires you!

I’m probably never going to compete or try to be the best at Crossfit. BUT I will try to be my best and I think that is important. Have you implemented a new workout routine? How does it make you feel? Will you keep doing it?


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