Feeling the Difference

The adventure continues and oh my gosh I’m sore! Crossfit has really been ramping up for us since we have decided to continue through the onramp to the regular Crossfit classes. Yesterday, we went to our second regular class. What an amazing work out. Saturday was intense, but yesterday was very awesome and I felt like I really pushed myself. I even upped my weight in Kettlebells from 30 to 35. I have gone from 20 to 25 to 30 and now I’m swinging 35. Watching my progression, heck, feeling my progression has made this so much more motivating. I remember picking up 15 pound dumbbells and feeling like I was going to fall face first to the ground. Now, they feel pretty light. My arm strength has always been weak. I’ve never been able to do more than 10 push ups, period. I was a weakling. Still, compared to everyone else I have pretty weak arm strength but I know I am getting stronger and I’m starting to feel it. Watching your body change and feeling a difference is so incredibly encouraging. I took a before picture after our first week of Crossfit and I have been taking one every week. This week I can really see a difference. I’m still not sporting my preferred bikini body or a 6 pack abs midsection, but one day I will. To feel good enough to run in a sports bra and shorts and not feel self conscious -I would love that- hot days wouldn’t be so bad, then. I’m normally not one to post pictures of my bare stomach. It’s my most hated part of my body and that’s why I am using it for my before and after pictures, because I HATE my midsection and I always have. However, today I am feeling confident enough today to show you the difference Crossfit makes (and we haven’t even really started dieting). Note: I have only done the 9 onramp classes and 2 regular classes since the first picture (on the left) was taken. I took the picture on the right today. ***As featured in every post look for some workin’ out and liftin’ up music at the bottom ❤


If you can’t see a difference look harder. Even my posture has gotten better, my butt has been firmed, my back looks better and my stomach is flatter. No, I am not sucking in in either photo. I want to see a genuine change in my body. As for my arms, I wish I took a before picture but they are also looking really darn good for being a weakling.


As for running, well, it snowed 12ish inches Sunday and I haven’t really gotten out in the cold too much. I am planning another date with the dreadmill today 😦


But, I snuck in a two mile outside run last week and even though I am a cold weather wimp… I have never been so happy to run outside.


I swear I went faster BECAUSE it was cold outside. That’s the best 2 mile time I have had in a while. I felt really good after and I am glad I got out there and braved the cold.

I wouldn’t call myself a “Crossfitter” yet… I’m still in the very beginning stages but I am getting there and once I can do back and front squats without my dern heals shifting me forward I will have earned this shirt:


So, there you have it. Crossfit is working. It’s definitely not for everyone but it really has worked for me. I see women and men in their 50’s and 60’s in there getting it done and lifting way more than me. It may not be the type of workout you are looking for, but I say why not give it a try. Go to an intro class, give it a shot. Challenge yourself.

Happy Lifting my fellow Squatters!

*** Today we feature: Madness by Muse (whenever this comes on for some reason I feel like adding a zillion pounds to the bar. HA)


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