How I See It.

Everyone has their own opinion on nearly everything. You are totally free to believe whatever you want. It’s a Free Country right?…To be completely honest, I am not one to get in the middle of any kind of debate. I can’t pull random facts out of thin air, I can’t randomly quote The Bible and I definitely sit teetering on the fence as far as politics go. However, I do have an opinion. I just want to start with myself. I consider myself a Christian and I support Gay Marriage. I am not a perfect person and according to The Book a lot of people aren’t as you probably know: lying, gossiping, and cheating are all sins. I am flawed, I am a sinner. I feel like I have a grasp of this. I have had people in the comforts of my own college grounds pointing fingers at me telling me I am going to hell because women shouldn’t wear “men’s clothes” or get an education per The Bible (wait, isn’t it God’s job?). I can’t imagine having to go through that everyday. People pointing fingers at me, telling me what I am is wrong, saying nasty things at me, having society against me, or denying me rights because of who I am (In case you weren’t informed: Women and other Minorities have previously had to face this, we were just lucky to be born after the battle). When I was younger I was against gay marriage and I didn’t have any other excuse than “because that’s what the bible says” or “Well, it’s just wrong.” What I was really saying was that I did not understand how or why someone would be attracted to the same sex. Everyone’s experience is different, which is what helps you form a different opinion. I didn’t understand until I met someone, out of the confines of my little town, who is gay. It changed everything for me. He didn’t even talk to me about his struggles. Just experiencing someone who faces an everyday battle, but still seems to have the most spirit I have ever seen in a person, changed me. He is gay and he is a really, really good person. Someone who could be that GOOD is not an “abomination” in my eyes. Through all of the criticism I know he had faced, he wore a smile. That, is strength. I thank him because he allowed me to open my eyes and see something different. Something that I previously dismissed. There are a few reasons that I, personally, support equality.

a). It does positively effect people I care about.

b). It does not effect me and my marriage.

c). It does not effect me and my personal relationship with God.

I believe in living well, right, and moral. I also believe that as a human being, allowing all human beings the same rights that I have is moral. Like I said before, I consider myself a Christian, but I am certainly not the perfect Christian. I know I don’t follow The Bible exactly. It would be hard for me to believe that most Christian people live by The Bible exactly. As far as how I feel? Just because you haven’t experienced something, because you are lucky enough to “fit the norm”, doesn’t mean you should pick it out of The Bible and deny a group of people equality. Not everyone will agree, but that’s not why I decided to post on this today. I just felt the need to explain myself. To give you some reasons why I support the LGBT community. Because they are just like anyone else. We all just want to live freely in peace, be who we are, love each other without being judged about it, all while having the option to seal the deal. I’m not here to start a debate, mainly because I am the worst debater in the history of time. I’m just saying…

that’s How I See It.


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