Maybe it’s not good to take a break from running, but for me it was. After spending two LONG months on the treadmill I couldn’t stand it anymore. The “cold” excuse was kinda lame, but I was sick of it too. I started to put all my energy into CrossFit and I finally got to go back home to Atlanta for 10 whole glorious warm and amazing days. I didn’t get to run because I got a nasty sinus infection right when I stepped off the plane. Going from zero pollen to CAKED in pollen was a shock for my poor body, but worth the trip nonetheless. So, me and running broke up for a little while. I dreamed about it, but I just didn’t really feel the urge to get out there. Even after the devastation in Boston, I kept finding excuses not to go out. Mainly because my sinus infection lasted 3 weeks….but again, just an excuse.

Sunday we finally reunited. I felt well enough to go out and do what I use to love to do, on a new trail that I’m starting to like. My run Sunday reminded me of why I love to run. It’s nothing and its everything all at the same time. It just you and the trail. Things that have been bothering you, people that have been putting you down don’t matter. If anything, you are stomping out what has been bothering you and leaving it on the pavement. All of a sudden its like a weight has been lifted and you are all that matters in the moment. What you want, dream, need. What you love, what you hate, what you can’t say out loud is spoken in every step. And then, you get to leave. What just happened in your mind on your run will never have to be repeated because you finally expressed yourself. All while making yourself better. This is why I run. I run for joy, frustration, anger, sadness, excitement, etc. I run for the people who bring me down and the people who hold me up. I run knowing that I am making myself better. Now, I can’t wait to get out there tonight. I am actually craving it.


Why do you run?



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