True Life: I’m an Exercise Fanatic

It has come to my attention that I have become one of those people.

You know what I am talking about. The kind of people who talk about working out all of the time. Whose Instagram is blowing up with weight lifting, Nike+ Running screen shots, crazy photos of impossible yoga movements, and *OMG* new favorite workout gear.

…And I am starting to like it.

I have always been really excited about posting my running updates, mainly because it holds me accountable for pushing harder the next time and being a better me.These days though, I am proud of myself. Conceited right? NO. Everyone should be proud of their accomplishments. I have worked hard and I want to show it off and vainly enough, I want people to know that I am working hard.  My point is that becoming one of those people means I have just become really proud of what I am doing, how my body is changing, and why I love doing what I am doing. It makes me want to keep going, be better, work harder. So I do, and I am loving myself for it.

So, here is an update for ya…

I still haven’t signed up for our 10k but I have begun to take it more seriously. I am running more… maybe not long distances but I’m halfway there and I have a couple of months to train.


I hurt my thigh a while ago. I was at a 115lb 3 rep max back squat before I hurt it but this is my 3 rep max post injury 98lbs! (Yes, I know I need to get back on my heels more…. I also need lifting shoes for this.)…. Soon, I will have my Crossfit shoes.


For the GRAND FINALE!!!!!!! I have officially done a yoga Headstand and held it long enough to get pictures. Last night I was practicing the transitions into a headstand. I managed to get my core and legs in the air… after a couple of practices, I was up and I was steady and strong. I am very proud of this. I use to envy people who could do this… I never thought I could do this.


Have you reached any fitness goals lately?

Show the world how proud you are of yourself!


One thought on “True Life: I’m an Exercise Fanatic

  1. Great post. Keep talking about working out but don’t let it become just talk. Thats why I blog. When I write about working out the readers choose to listen. Glad there are others like us out there. Great run and nice headstand! Oh…and I like the pink controller too!

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