Take it All In.

This morning I rose to another day of the race.

As usual I had to clip clop as fast as I could down my apartment stairs in heels. I was the epitome of a woman rushing out of the house late for work; coffee cup and lunch box in one hand, keys and purse in the other, hair in a tangled wet mess, make up half finished.

You get it.

As I was going 5 miles over the speed limit en route to my place of employment, I came upon a truck. A truck going particularly slow. A truck whose driver all of a sudden THREW on his breaks. I was about to utter a few words of profanity at the guy in front of me when I saw something. It was so tiny and so delicate. I watched a fuzzy little duckling make its way in front of the stopped truck and safely across the road.

EARTH TO KELLY where was my head? If that guy in the truck hadn’t stopped for the little duckling, I may have very well run right over the little baby. It was that point I realized that it was time to stop thinking about just me and my needs for a second, and to start appreciating everything around me. I really just wanted to get out and hug the guy in the truck, because he reminded me of everything in my life that I forget to appreciate. Because recently I’ve been in my own little up world of ‘wake up, go to work, come home from work, work out, go to bed’. I had become a robot.

So, in lieu of my little self-discovery I decided to take a relaxing 4 mile jog on my favorite trail in St. Louis. I became aware that even my runs were starting to seem repetitive, always trying to be better push harder, run faster. Recently, I have not really taken in the beautiful sites, smells, people, animals on my runs. I was always just focusing on me (which is good sometimes).

But today I took a vacation from trying to beat a PR.

A Runcation?… it could be a word.

I got ready and headed for the trail when I got home from work. On my run today I experienced the chirping of happy birds, the smell of honeysuckle, and I even said hello to few other runners on the trail instead of blasting by with just a smile and a nod. I really enjoyed my run today and I even ended up going my farther than I have been typically going, at a slower pace.

Yes, sometimes it’s just good to slow it down and take it all in.

It was 90 degrees and so humid but the run was so worth it!


Post run. Hot and Tired but feeling great.


Have you ever given yourself a “runcation”?

Did you enjoy it? or did you feel like it was pointless since you weren’t breaking a record?

Happy Trails To You!


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