Buddy Running & Friendly Competition

I enjoy running, but I always really enjoy it when my husband and I go together. He is such a wonderful work out partner. We get dressed together in our running gear, we grab our water bottles, harness up the dog, jump in the car, and drive to our favorite running spot. We kiss at the start line and take off! Daniel and I go at very different paces so it’s hard to run together but just knowing that he is there with me motivates me and makes me want to go the distance. I have never actually run with someone that runs, on average, the same pace as me until last Sunday. I have found out that I like to go by myself, but I pretty much love buddy running. There is a different kind of motivation involved. Basically, don’t stop/slow down or you’ll ruin your buddy’s pace as well as your own. There is a certain kind of bond formed when you are suffering long miles together, pushing each other, and helping each other get through a rough spot in a run. I also enjoy having someone to talk to and it makes the miles fly by! Last Sunday I ran 4 miles with a running buddy. Yesterday, I hit 5 miles for the first time in nearly a year with a running buddy.  I felt like I could have kept going. The distraction of having someone to talk to and enjoy the sport with made it feel like nothing. I truly believe I am ready to hit that 10k again. I think buddy running has kicked up my motivation to be a better runner, to train harder, run faster, and really sink my teeth into it again.

Also, Thanks to Nike + my friends and I have started a little friendly competition. Now that the app gives you the ability to compete with friends, this running business has gotten a lot more interesting and fun! We all cheer each other on, but we also like to reign in the top spot. I currently hold the 3rd spot for the month of August among my Nike+ friends and the 2nd spot for this weeks milage. My friend in the top spot is actually my running buddy from last Sunday. She’s totally kicking our butts. Maybe next month I’ll kick up my miles!

What motivates you?

Do you enjoy buddy running or a solitary run?

Happy Running, y’all!

Happy Running!


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