How Crossfit Changed Me

About a year ago I walked into The Box. I can imagine my deer in headlights look when I opened the heavy doors to the inside of a simple, yet somewhat terrifying view. Weight racks lined the edge of one side of the room and pull up racks lined the other. Rings and ropes hung from the ceiling and rows of ergs sat upright and ready for torture. Weightlifting was never really my thing. The weight rooms of the gyms in college and high school were always filled with muscled up dudes grunting and lifting, walking around sipping thick beverages that previously resembled a chalk like substance before added to water. The thought of it made me cringe. I never went to the weight rooms. Way too much testosterone for little me. Most days I’d jump on an elliptical for 30 minutes and then bolt through the weights and sweaty men to the door.

A year ago my perception changed completely. Not just of people who lift weights but more importantly, the perception of myself.

Crossfit has changed my life in more ways than just becoming stronger. My confidence level is surprising. My boss told me about 2 weeks ago that I seemed “comfortable in my own skin”. That’s when I realized that I don’t look in the mirror and dislike what I see anymore. Now I see beauty, I see someone who walks with confidence. I know that I am trying to be stronger and on my way to becoming stronger I began to love myself. I have become stronger not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Days of pinching my belly fat feeling disgusted and obsessing over the way “back fat” hangs over a tight tank top has diminished. I noticed a picture of me recently where I didn’t even use the signature “skinny arm” photo pose… which I have adopted and owned for the last few years.


I have also managed to meet some of the most wonderful, uplifting people I have ever met. These people cheer you on and root for you every class. They cheer for you inside the gym and outside of the gym. The Crossfit community will amaze you. We come together and support, cheer, and help each other. I think that was apparent in the recent results of the Kevin Ogar fundraiser in which the Crossfit community raised almost $350,000 (so far) to help cover medical bills. We are no joke when it comes to supporting each other, whether it be a PR, a life event, an injury etc. we know how to put together some earth shattering support.


Crossfit has it’s haters, but in my opinion it is just misunderstood. It has changed my life for the better, for me and for most people who give it a try.

What do you love about Crossfit?


Just Catching Up!

I should be shunned for Blog neglect. It has been nearly 4 months since my last post. I’m feeling pretty guilty about leaving this beautiful space untouched for so long. So many things have happened since I fell out of the Blogosphere. So, let me update you a little. We’ll start where I left off…

-I did successfully finish the Lurong Paleo Challenge. I lost 6 pounds and lost a few on my measurements but not a lot. As I thought I would I went back to my carbby ways, but in the New Year I am planning to make better choices. I am also planning on staying mainly Paleo with a little looser guidelines. I’ll call it Kelleo? Sounds good right?


– I ran my first 10k and I did rather well! I placed 69th with a pace of 9:06 and finished with a 56:31 time.


Hard to admit but I haven’t really run and focused on running since October…

-Husband surprised me with a trip to Chicago for our 2 year anniversary!


-We went home for our Cash Family Annual Pumpkin Carving Party (BYOP(umpkin))


…drum roll please…

-We finally bought a HOUSE on Halloween!


-I turned the big 2-6 and threw a Gatsby party… I have always wanted a roaring 20’s party and when better to do it when you are a roaring 26 year old?


-I had to say goodbye to my cousin from afar… RIP sweet Bryan.


-I was blessed to go home for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas.




-I celebrated the New Year with friends.


-and I began the New Year 2014 with a traditional Southern style New Years Day dinner cooked by ME ūüôā


-Oh, and tonight I did my first WOD with Toe to Bar! (Big deal, I couldn’t even hang on the bar much less pull my feet up to my hands at the beginning of last year).


As you can see, I have been a very busy bee! And that is basically what you missed in a nut shell. For my New Years Resolution I will not abandon my Blog for more than 2 weeks. I hope I can keep ’em coming! Have a wonderful 2014 friends!

Ditching the Scale

When I first started Crossfit I was in ok shape, not strong at all but as a runner and a yoga enthusiast I was pretty happy with my weight.

My weight. I was always obsessed about a number on the scale. ¬†Would it be a bad day, a good day, would it inspire me to go run an extra mile that day, would I maybe not indulge in an Iced latte from Starbucks? I weighed myself every morning, and that can be exhausting! I believe that a lot of women are obsessed over this number. That somehow this number defines us, but I think we’re getting it all wrong and here is why.


The scale has become something so unimportant to me. I was curious and I just learned today that I have gained 6 pounds since I started Crossfit. I didn’t cringe, I didn’t pinch the fat off of unwanted places and grimace but I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself. Because I can see the faint lines of Abs starting to form, my butt is firmer, my arms and shoulders are full of muscle, my legs no longer bear cellulite when I am sitting down in shorts.

This is why the scale is a liar. It’s not what the number reads but what you feel in yourself. Do not let the scale judge you, the scale is not going to change you, YOU have to change you.

So here is my advice my fellow obsessed scale readers: How do you feel? Forget the number.

If you do not feel good in your skin, you have the absolute power to change it.

Go for a run

Join a new gym

Look into personal training

Give Crossfit a try.

It’s all in your hands. Ready. Set. Sweat.

P.S. I did my first kipping pull up yesterday!!!!! Still working on my strict pull up ūüôā


True Life: I’m an Exercise Fanatic

It has come to my attention that I have become one of those people.

You know what I am talking about. The kind of people who talk about working out all of the time. Whose Instagram is blowing up with weight lifting, Nike+ Running screen shots, crazy photos of impossible yoga movements, and *OMG* new favorite workout gear.

…And I am starting to like it.

I have always been really excited about posting my running updates, mainly because it holds me accountable for pushing harder the next time and being a better me.These days though, I am proud of myself. Conceited right? NO. Everyone should be proud of their accomplishments. I have worked hard and I want to show it off and vainly enough, I want people to know that I am working hard.  My point is that becoming one of those people means I have just become really proud of what I am doing, how my body is changing, and why I love doing what I am doing. It makes me want to keep going, be better, work harder. So I do, and I am loving myself for it.

So, here is an update for ya…

I still haven’t signed up for our 10k but I have begun to take it more seriously. I am running more… maybe not long distances but I’m halfway there and I have a couple of months to train.


I hurt my thigh a while ago. I was at a 115lb 3 rep max back squat before I hurt it but this is my 3 rep max post injury 98lbs! (Yes, I know I need to get back on my heels more…. I also need lifting shoes for this.)…. Soon, I will have my Crossfit shoes.


For the GRAND FINALE!!!!!!! I have officially done a yoga Headstand and held it long enough to get pictures. Last night I was practicing the transitions into a headstand. I managed to get my core and legs in the air… after a couple of practices, I was up and I was steady and strong. I am very proud of this. I use to envy people who could do this… I never thought I could do this.


Have you reached any fitness goals lately?

Show the world how proud you are of yourself!

Feeling the Difference

The adventure continues and oh my gosh I’m sore! Crossfit has really been ramping up for us since we have decided to continue through the onramp to the regular Crossfit classes. Yesterday, we went to our second regular class. What an amazing work out. Saturday was intense, but yesterday was very awesome and I felt like I really pushed myself. I even upped my weight in Kettlebells from 30 to 35. I have gone from 20 to 25 to 30 and now I’m swinging 35. Watching my progression, heck, feeling my progression has made this so much more motivating. I remember picking up 15 pound¬†dumbbells¬†and feeling like I was going to fall face first to the ground. Now, they feel pretty light. My arm strength has always been weak. I’ve never been able to do more than 10 push ups, period. I was a weakling. Still, compared to everyone else I have pretty weak arm strength but I know I am getting stronger and I’m starting to feel it. Watching your body change and feeling a difference is so incredibly encouraging. I took a before picture after our first week of Crossfit and I have been taking one every week. This week I can really see a difference. I’m still not sporting my preferred bikini body or a 6 pack abs midsection, but one day I will. To feel good enough to run in a sports bra and shorts and not feel self¬†conscious¬†-I would love that- hot days wouldn’t be so bad, then. I’m normally not one to post pictures of my bare stomach. It’s my most hated part of my body and that’s why I am using it for my before and after pictures, because I HATE my midsection and I always have. However, today I am feeling confident enough today to show you the difference Crossfit makes (and we haven’t even really started dieting). Note: I have only done the 9 onramp classes and 2 regular classes since the first picture (on the left) was taken. I took the picture on the right today. ***As featured in every post look for some workin’ out and liftin’ up music at the bottom ‚̧


If you can’t see a difference look harder. Even my posture has gotten better, my butt has been firmed, my back looks better and my stomach is flatter. No, I am not sucking in in either photo. I want to see a genuine change in my body. As for my arms, I wish I took a before picture but they are also looking really darn good for being a weakling.


As for running, well, it snowed 12ish inches Sunday and I haven’t really gotten out in the cold too much. I am planning another date with the dreadmill today ūüė¶


But, I snuck in a two mile outside run last week and even though I am a cold weather wimp… I have never been so happy to run outside.


I swear I went faster BECAUSE it was cold outside. That’s the best 2 mile time I have had in a while. I felt really good after and I am glad I got out there and braved the cold.

I wouldn’t call myself a “Crossfitter” yet… I’m still in the very beginning stages but I am getting there and once I can do back and front squats without my dern heals shifting me forward I will have earned this shirt:


So, there you have it. Crossfit is working. It’s definitely not for everyone but it really has worked for me. I see women and men in their 50’s and 60’s in there getting it done and lifting way more than me. It may not be the type of workout you are looking for, but I say why not give it a try. Go to an intro class, give it a shot. Challenge yourself.

Happy Lifting my fellow Squatters!

*** Today we feature: Madness by Muse (whenever this comes on for some reason I feel like adding a zillion pounds to the bar. HA)

This Could Be My Closet.

Happy Spring! (Even though we are suppose to get snow here on Sunday)…

So, I am in no way a “Fashionista” nor am I always on the up and up with fashion, but I know what I like. I’d much rather spend money on new running shoes than a trendy brand name watch. However, I am a sucker for a good deal and I like to keep a list of things that I want in my closet. I don’t get to shop often. Husband and I are working on getting our student loans paid off so most of our money goes towards that and saving. We save, save, save. I’m in dire need of new running shoes right now, but I have to wait for a little while longer before I can get them. So, most of my fashion buys and wants are scored a little later than most people but that doesn’t stop me from loving them once they hit my closet rack. Here are the Top 5 things I have FINALLY scored in my closet (and jewelry box). After, I talk about the top 5 things I would LOVE TO HAVE in my closet.



Yep, I finally did it. I have been seeing this casual cuteness sneak onto the pages and style boards of every Pinterest friend I am following (Even if I were to jump on this fashion trend sooner, I’d just have to cover it with my giant heavy winter coat anyway). No, I probably won’t wear this beautiful piece with a pair of denim jeans (unless it is an extremely dark washed denim), but I LOVE it with my black leggings and I would ADORE some white jeans or shorts to pair with this baby. I bought this shirt not too long ago at a Nordstrom Rack (the TJ Max of Nordstrom) on sale for 21¬†buckaroo’s. Not bad for a trend that might not stick around too long (you never know it could be ‘in’ til may or ‘in’ for the next 30 years).



I love rose gold. Love Love Love. For Christmas my Instagram and Facebook accounts BLEW UP with Rose Gold Michael Kors watches and I swooned over them. A Michael Kor’s watch was on my list last year but I got other things I had been wanting so, my Christmas was pretty rockin’ also. It still didn’t cure my want and need for one of these beautiful babies. So, what did I do? Khol’s of course. You can’t beat an $18 watched that ticks the same way (and I still get compliments on it). As for the David Yurman…. It’s a David¬†Furman (fake as all get out). I got that lovely piece at Charmin’ Charlie. Just as pretty as the real thing and I love it as well. Haters gon’ hate my fake style…. I’ll enjoy my 12$ bracelet for now.



This sounds absolutely silly, but this has been my favorite addition… AND IT WAS FREE at The Gap (thanks to my moms awesome Couponing skills). I love it because it goes with ANYTHING and you can pretty much dress it up or down however you want. I love it with dark jeans, an infinity scarf, and my “wanna-be” fancy jewelry. I’ve worn it with my Braves ball cap, I have worn it with sweat pants around the house, I have slept in it (I didn’t want to take it off… too comfy). It’s flowy but just in the right places. Who knew such a simple staple could go a long way.



I have had a black one, a¬†turquoise, and a white one for a while, but right now I am really digging this one because it pairs so nicely with Rose Gold. I wear it a lot…. I have to remind myself to circulate colors because I want to wear it ALL THE TIME (kinda like my next favorite thing).



So, spring is on it’s way but we’ll still have those random days that a chill is in the air and what a lovely way to keep ourselves warmer! This is a light,¬†breathable¬†scarf so that on 60 degree days it’ll feel warm but not hot. ¬†I wear this thing way too much. In my recent pictures this leopard print pretty is featured in nearly every one. I’d like to hang my head as a repeat leopard scarf wearer. I just can’t help it. I’m just mad for it.

So, those are a few of my favorite things in my closet at the moment. Now for five things that I would LOVE to have in my closet at the moment!



I would love me some white skinnies for spring/summer. I have seen people already wearing them and while I am a traditional lover of the Memorial/Labor day white rule I have set some new standards. I’m now saying St. Patricks Day to the First Day of Fall because if it’s 30 degrees out and you’re wearing white jeans, I still cringe a little. I wish I didn’t, but I do. To each their own I suppose.



Anything or everything Mint. I am totally on the bandwagon (without it in my closet, yet). I specifically love the pants, but at this point I’ll take anything.



I just have a love affair with color this spring. Coral is pretty, girly, sunny, and I just can’t help but smile when I see it. Specifically cute with white shorts or jeans. You could even go with coral pants if you dare to brave the colored pants fad (which I personally think is lovely).



You can’t go wrong with more stackable bracelets. I need/want/have to have stackables in every color (and maybe one of these days I will sport a new MK watch).




I love this thing for Aztec and Cheveron prints, I’m totally digging into it. I have an Aztec print tank that I wore WAY TO MUCH last summer so I would love a dress or another cute Aztec print shirt or even a skirt… pretty much anything. As for the Chevron print I’d love it in a cute flowy top or dress… ADORE.

What are your favorite things in your closet?

What are some of the trends you’d love hanging in your wardrobe?

How about jewelry?

Have a lovely Friday!

*** for your listening pleasure today we feature: The REAL Wagon Wheel not this Darius Rucker junk. ūüôā Heeeeeey, Mama Rock Me!

Beauty and The Beast

When Husband first mentioned Crossfit to me, I “knew” what I was getting myself into. Those people work hard. Those people are serious about lifting.

I am a running, yoga stretching, zumba shaking, type of girl or, at least I thought I was.¬†Before I knew it I was hanging from a bar trying desperately to lift myself up for the last of my first set of 10 pull ups (with bands). I mainly started Crossfit because it was something Husband was interested in trying. I rarely turn down a challenge and who said I couldn’t do this?¬†Turns out I like to torture myself with back squats, thrusters, and burpees.

I am no expert, and I am certainly not ‘good’ at Crossfit yet. My forms are sloppy and I lack flexibility in my hamstrings. So far, however, I feel like it’s really something ¬†I could get into. I will definitely still continue running, and yoga is going to be my savior when it comes to soreness and flexibility. My thing is trying to find a perfect balance between training for my Half Marathon this year and doing Crossfit. One of the trainers mentioned that when I get through the OnRamp classes I might be interested in the endurance Crossfit training classes. Something I am very interested in. I just think of it as adding another fitness type to my list. And… doing back squats yesterday with weight on the bar totally made me feel like a beast. Something I could really get use to. I have still been struggling with the “bulky” aspect of Crossfit… but I would kill for one of these girls butts or ab’s. If you are hesitant, you should at least try it out. Go for a trial class! The one here was free and you could decide if it was something you were interested in or not before paying for classes. As for my girl readers, check out this video. Daniel showed it to me when I was having doubts about Crossfit and it inspired me. I hope it inspires you!

I’m probably never going to compete or try to be the best at Crossfit. BUT I will try to be my¬†best and I think that is important. Have you implemented a new workout routine? How does it make you feel? Will you keep doing it?