Unknown Dining

We have been married two months today. Today means that we get to go on a date night into the unknown!

Our first night on our honeymoon we went to the restaurant named “The Reef Terrace”. Daniel and I are always early to everything so, our butler sat us in the grand piano bar to wait for our table to be ready. There was one other couple there waiting on their table as well. They were an older couple the man was gray but the woman look nicely kept and well, to put it nicely, very preserved. We sat across from each other and as the man got up and walked towards the bar he flashed a smile back at us “would you like anything? It’s on me.” We laughed (all inclusive resort=awesome). They talked with us about marriage, life, occupations, traveling. The one thing we tightly held onto was a recommendation to keep things fun in marriage. I want to say this couple had been married for about 18 years. They had both divorced once before and remarried each other. They seemed every bit in love as the young honeymooners that we met on vacation. Their recommendation (and pretty much what they live by) is that every month on the day they were married (so for us, the 8th) they make it a point to go to a restaurant neither of them have ever been to. The man said that at first its pretty easy, but then you have to really start branching out and traveling a little bit longer each year. He said that he has missed only two months in the 18 years of marriage and one was because her mother was in the hospital and the other was because he was in the hospital. So, Daniel and I decided that we are going to take the challenge. We missed our November date so this month is the beginning of our unknown dining date nights. We have already made a list of places that neither of us have been to, now we just have to pick one!

Do you have a tradition that you and your husband stick by?


Three Weeks of Wedded Bliss

It has almost been 3 weeks on Saturday. I can’t believe we have nearly been married for THREE WEEKS! I look back at the pictures my friends posted and can’t believe it has already happened. You know people ask you “how does it feel to be married” really, it doesn’t feel any different. However, there are a few changes. The word ours is used more than mine, yours, hers, and his. Signing my name is weird, and takes me longer (how inconvenient ;-)). We have had trouble going back to a routine after everything. My life was centered around making the wedding perfect and Daniel was trying to get everything done so that he could peacefully miss a week of school. We were also more focused on our health before the wedding. I could sit here and tell you that I miss our nightly runs, but honestly I have enjoyed lazing around and eating whatever I want with my man. What I am not enjoying is the way it makes my body feel. I feel more jiggly. I feel it all coming back. I just can’t let this happen to me again. I like being under 120 lbs. I’m more aerodynamic and it is more fun to shop. After BYOP (See: Bride Chronicles- Fall Family Traditions) this weekend I am going back to running and back on my diet (maybe not as strict as before, though). Especially since we are planning on running a 5k in November, which is quickly approaching. As long as this illness I have keeps going away I should be back in business on Monday. We are still battling off whatever bug we caught in Jamaica. As for the Job search, I can’t complain right now! I was just called about 10 minutes ago and asked back for a second interview next Thursday. I am not getting my hopes up yet, but I am surely hopeful. I have been trying to keep it all hush hush but I can’t help but be a little excited. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers next Thursday. As for me and Daniel, I just can’t get enough of him. Sunday was a nice day. We hopped in the car and went to hang out with his Dad and Janice. Then we drove around his half of the state. I’m all West and he’s all East. We got lost a couple times. We stopped at a park that he has taken me to before. It was nice. Sitting in the car listening to music and talking.

Husband at the park 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Honey Swooned

When the Husband mentioned Sandals Ocho Rios about 10 months ago I was absolutely thrilled. Yes! Jamaica for the honeymoon! And Sandals- all I have ever heard were good things. The wait to spend a week in paradise with my new husband felt like forever but the actual vacation went by in a flash. Mainly because we had an absolute BLAST. It’s hard not having fun with him though. He’s a pretty fun guy. Only one of the many reasons I married him. Upon arrival unfortunately we were pretty irritated. We stayed on the manor side of the resort in a villa (oh my gosh, what a tough life it is!) which is usually the nicer side with the biggest pool and many different restaurants. Unfortunately we inconveniently scheduled our Honeymoon during the reconstruction of The Manor side. All of the restaurants on our side were closed except the pizza bar. The pool however… was AWESOME. Anyway, so our butler pulls up to our villa and I am so excited, trying to ignore the fact that to the right we have a lovely inch of ocean view and to the left we have the stunning front seat view of all the construction.  After the butler left to answer another call, Daniel and I sat down on the bed and looked around. I could tell he was not a happy camper. Disappointed husband upon arrival of our week vacation in Jamaica is not a good thing. He made a list of complaints before we got ready to explore the beach side of the resort. We ventured out calling our butler to shuttle us to dinner. When we got to the other side we were completely blown away. This place took my breath away. Seeing the other side that was not under construction really lifted our spirits. I am a beach babe and would be on this side of the resort everyday anyway. We really enjoyed dinner and took in all of the night activities of the resort. Yes, we joined a congo line. After dinner we made our way back to the villa to catch some z’s before our first full day of relaxation. We walked in the door of our villa and turned into the bedroom to find the bed was neatly turned down for the night, our clothes had been unpacked and hung up in the closet or folded neatly in the drawers. My shoes were organized and placed in the closet. There was welcome champagne and some rose petals on the bed. Needless to say, we were extremely excited about the rest of our stay.

From then on out our stay was top notch. We planned out our week with our butler. If we wanted to do an excursion it was all handled for us and all we had to do was show up to be whisked away where ever we chose. If we wanted dinner at 6:30 our butler would pick us up at 6:15 and escort us to dinner. If we wanted a sunset photo shoot it was scheduled and again, all we had to do was show up. If we changed our mind – no problem (literally, though).

We decided to climb Dunn’s River Falls (it had been recommended by everyone who had been to Jamaica). It was pretty cool. We hung out with dolphins, snorkeled with stingrays, held parrots, iguanas, and snakes, drank from a coconut, hung out at a swim up bar, took shots with strangers, sang karaoke with acquaintances, danced the night away, watched cool shows at the amphitheater, enjoyed 5 course meals every night, and most importantly were together every minute of it.

This is my fun Husband singing Baby Got Back and breaking it down. Gosh, I love him.

Lol Bird Man

Can we go back, now?