Just Catching Up!

I should be shunned for Blog neglect. It has been nearly 4 months since my last post. I’m feeling pretty guilty about leaving this beautiful space untouched for so long. So many things have happened since I fell out of the Blogosphere. So, let me update you a little. We’ll start where I left off…

-I did successfully finish the Lurong Paleo Challenge. I lost 6 pounds and lost a few on my measurements but not a lot. As I thought I would I went back to my carbby ways, but in the New Year I am planning to make better choices. I am also planning on staying mainly Paleo with a little looser guidelines. I’ll call it Kelleo? Sounds good right?


– I ran my first 10k and I did rather well! I placed 69th with a pace of 9:06 and finished with a 56:31 time.


Hard to admit but I haven’t really run and focused on running since October…

-Husband surprised me with a trip to Chicago for our 2 year anniversary!


-We went home for our Cash Family Annual Pumpkin Carving Party (BYOP(umpkin))


…drum roll please…

-We finally bought a HOUSE on Halloween!


-I turned the big 2-6 and threw a Gatsby party… I have always wanted a roaring 20’s party and when better to do it when you are a roaring 26 year old?


-I had to say goodbye to my cousin from afar… RIP sweet Bryan.


-I was blessed to go home for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas.




-I celebrated the New Year with friends.


-and I began the New Year 2014 with a traditional Southern style New Years Day dinner cooked by ME ūüôā


-Oh, and tonight I did my first WOD with Toe to Bar! (Big deal, I couldn’t even hang on the bar much less pull my feet up to my hands at the beginning of last year).


As you can see, I have been a very busy bee! And that is basically what you missed in a nut shell. For my New Years Resolution I will not abandon my Blog for more than 2 weeks. I hope I can keep ’em coming! Have a wonderful 2014 friends!


Conquering A Negative Mind.

Since ya’ll have taken this Crossfit journey with me I thought I would update you on a few recent small, personal milestones. When I first started Crossfit I couldn’t lift a barbell over my head much less, 20 pounds. I was not strong at all. Still, I’m not hitting an RX or lifting tons of weight but I am starting to be able lift more, and more, and more and my mind is finally grasping the concept that I can do more, that I am stronger.

Tuesday I did a 7 minute warm up with just the barbell:

3 deadlifts, 1 hang clean, 3 push presses

Every 60 seconds.

I was terrified of the push press because last I checked my 3 rep max was a measly 53 pounds. Thank goodness I made it through with a naked barbell, but I actually felt like I cheated myself because to be honest I was just being a wimp too cautious.

Thursday rolls around and I see that we are going to do the same warm up. So, I stop being a wuss too cautious and weighted my bar with 20 pounds (53 altogether, MY PREVIOUS 3 REP MAX).

IT FELT SO GOOD and quite honestly I felt like a beast.

I think I have finally conquered my Push Press fear and the negativity that was looming behind it. Sometimes, it seems that you actually have to have that “just do it” mentality. So, I did. Thursday ended up being a pretty big day for me. I graduated 15 lb dumbbells to 20 lb dumbbells, I learned how to Skin The Cat (no, not actually skinning a cat… that is so not right) and I dead lifted my own weight (I did not PR but I took it slow and got to a good point). Also a couple of weeks ago I did my first handstand push up. I can do two without wanted to pass out from being upside down. I find that is a pretty big deal for me.

So, I’m normally not one to take a bazillion pictures of myself doing this stuff, but I got a little obsessive and proud the last few weeks so… here they are.



image (2)

I have really been trying to keep Husband and I active. It is so easy to come home from work and sit on the couch (if we don’t have Crossfit that night). The last few weeks have been like this. We come home and either go to the pool or sit on the couch. So, after this lovely vacation week I am really going to start focusing on running again. I really miss it. Yesterday, I ran my first straight 5k in 4 weeks. 4 WEEKS. That is pretty horrible, so my goal after we get back from Georgia is to get back into running (I know, I know it’s not the first time I’ve posted about my lack of running). In other fitness news… Yesterday before our run, Husband had a Toastmasters event so I took it upon myself to sign up for some Free Yoga under the Arch.


I loved it. It was so wonderful because The Arch is pretty much my favorite thing about St. Louis. Getting a good morning stretch with my favorite thing about this city was just what I needed. It gave me a moment to realize that even though I am extremely homesick and all I really want to do is go home, I still love it here too. That I have wonderful friends here, a wonderful life here, and an amazing husband to share it with. I have so much to be thankful for.

My wonderful friend Alisha snapped this of me without my knowledge. As usual I am admiring the Arch.


Have A Lovely Week and a Safe 4th of July! I AM GOING HOME!!!!!!!

Work It Out

I haven’t blogged in nearly a month because I am SO BUSY! Weird, right? I’m not use to having a life. As I am sure most of you already heard, I accepted a full time position as an HR Coordinator at the company I was temping for. The¬†corporate world is pretty sweet. The first week was crazy but I am finally getting into my own groove of it all. Ya’ll are going to think I am crazy but I have not run in almost 10 days. 10 DAYS. I have hit running droughts before but I just hate that is it happening right now! Between starting a new job and Crossfit I¬†have been a one woman circus. I am going to try and turn that around this week. While I have not been running, I have been FAR from lazy. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays are Crossfit days and this last Tuesday I joined my co-workers in a 45 minute Tabata WOD at lunch. One of the girls that I work with is a certified trainer so they work out at lunch Mon-Thurs. So, this was my first Tabata WOD and oh my gosh I was sore, sore, sore in all the right places! I actually think I am still sore just from the Tabata! I am so excited that I now have not only Daniel to motivate me, but now coworkers to motivate me. As for Tabata, well, I have a feeling we will get along just fine. I’ll post an example of a no equipment Tabata WOD (but at work we have a gym so, I am just all sorts of spoiled with equipment).


Try it out! Let me know how it goes!

As for Crossfit. I have heard some backlash recently. I have heard its dangerous, what are you training for, it’s not really that great of a workout. etc. etc.

Let me just step back for a minute and squash some of these myths.

“Crossfit is dangerous”

-Absolutely it is. Anytime you are lifting ANYTHING be it moving a couch, pushing a car,¬†lifting¬†a bar bell it can be dangerous… especially if you don’t have proper form. What Crossfit has taught me is unbelievable. I have been lifting objects incorrectly my whole life. My Box [aka gym] spent 9 whole 1 hour classes on teaching us proper form with weightless PVC Pipes on how to squat, push press, deadlift, etc. before throwing us into lifting. However, just like with any sport you could mess up and hurt yourself, or push yourself too hard. The thing I love about Crossfit (or at least in my box) is that everything can be scaled to meet your needs. You are NOT required to start off deadlifting 200 lbs. You always go for how your body feels and if you are not feeling well, DO NOT go to the gym. Wait it out.

“So, What are you training for?

I mean this in the most sincere way: Life. Saturday our WOD included pushing a car in neutral for 4 rounds of about 75 meters. The first 3 rounds was with a partner so I picked Husband because if we were ever in a situation where we needed to push a car out of the road, he will most likely be with me. For those days that he is not with me…. We did the last round pushing the car by ourselves and I ROCKED it. These things that we are doing/learning apply to life and so, lifting a 40 lb bag of dog food up 3 flights of stairs is no big deal to me anymore. I have also dropped a pants size since I started Crossfit. Are YOU ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?


“It’s not really a good workout”

I beg your pardon? Well, if you’ve never done high intense training for 15 minutes straight, I don’t even need your opinion on the matter. Weekdays have usually a high intensity 6ish minute warm up, then we have about 30ish minutes to get some strength training in, and THEN we do a WOD. It’s not like we do a 15 minute work out and then head home. On Saturdays we do what I have been calling a Monster WOD. Which is usually between a 30-50 minute WOD from hell. Example from last Saturday’s WOD:


The prescribed weight is just a ballpark of what you could either work your way up to or bypass. I have been using 30lb kettlebells because it’s not a sprint its a marathon and I will get to 35 soon enough.

So, Crossfit is really up to YOU and how YOU decided to push yourself and when YOU decide to back off a little and take a step back.

What have you learned about Crossfit? What negative things have you heard?

Happy Lifting!



Ten Things I’ve Learned as a Trailing Spouse

For those of you who have been the trailing spouse, you may have different experiences than me. However, us trailing spouses all know it is very difficult and one of the most stressful things a couple could/will go through. Let me start by defining what makes a “trailing spouse”… it is pretty much exactly as it sounds. One who follows their husband/wife to a new place/state/country in lieu of that spouses career(or other) opportunities. I’m not about to glorify it either. It is tough stuff. I have only moved to a new state, I can’t imagine moving to a new country. Now,¬†everyone’s¬†situation is different. Sometimes both people in the couple think that moving would be the best thing ever. I’m not going to lie, Daniel had to do a lot of convincing to get me to leave the familiarity of my beautiful Southern city. I finally thought that it might be a good idea to experience something new and we high-fived on moving ourselves out to St. Louis. Then it began happening. My favorite apartment I have ever lived in was bare and before I knew it I was waving goodbye to my Chattahoochee River bank. It was all so exciting at first. I felt like a grown up spreading my wings and flying. I am still making some major adjustments in this move, but so far I have experienced and discovered so much.

Ten Things I have discovered in my experience as a ‘trailing spouse’

1.) There is a “honeymoon” phase with your new city.

-Yeah, it was all fine and dandy until it was cold like…. all the time. We have had a blast though. We have gone to carnivals and festivals, made new friends, and explored a lot. Luckily, we still have SO MUCH to explore here. I will say I am extremely happy that winter is over so the real fun can begin. Like a¬†relighting of the¬†Honeymoon Phase!

2.) Getting a job is 100 times harder without the connections and networks you had back home.

-Trust me on this one. The fact that I am somewhat floundering my way through life is a little depressing. I have applied and applied and applied but no one seems to be biting at the bait. Apparently, I need explore some other opportunities and maybe try to really find out what I want in life.

3.) You will compare your new state to your old/”home” state.

-I have looked and looked and FINALLY I have found some acceptable¬†(by my southern standards) chicken wings. They still aren’t as good at the ones back home, but the Italian here is definitely better than Italian in Atlanta (sorry I’m not sorry).


4.) Finding friends can actually be easier than you thought.

-I was lucky enough to know people who knew people who lived here before we moved (thank god). BUT. There is also this awesome site called Meetup.com. Yes, its like online dating for friends but it has been so worth it and there is always some kind of “Meetup” going on. There are of course specific categories as well such as, a running group, volleyball group, anime groups, rock climbing groups, book junkie groups etc. etc. usually if you name it, there is probably a group for it and if there is not… you can create your own. ūüôā

5.) Being a housewife is neat… that is, until people start frowning upon the fact that all you do is laundry, cook, and clean.

-Umm, yeah. I have enjoyed my time away from the workplace. My house is always sparkly, my bed is always made, my laundry is always clean (and folded), dishes are always done, my dinners are planned, my kitchen is always stocked, wine isn’t needed (as much) anymore, I’m thinner from extra time spent working out, all in all I do a damn good job at being a housewife. I definitely don’t want it to go unnoticed, but there comes a time when people start asking “what do you do” and that’s when I start to feel inadequate. All I really want to say is I’M WORKING ON IT, PEOPLE. All I ask is that you give me a break. I am doing the best I can with what I have (in the job searching department).

6.) It challenges you and your spouse; positively and some times not-so-positively.

-You have your ups and downs. As the trailing spouse it is so hard to control the “Well, if we hadn’t moved…” argument at times. AVOID THROWING THIS NUGGET AT YOUR SPOUSE. I’m learning now that it hurts your spouse to be resentful and use it as leverage. I am guilty of it, and honestly there probably isn’t a trailing spouse out there that hasn’t said something along the lines of that sentence (or insinuated it). As far as the “ups” go, you really, REALLY have to rely on each other. For everything. And it is a good thing. Daniel and I have done an awesome job of spending time together, exploring new things together, learning new things together, trying new things together. We are all we have and it has brought us closer as a couple.

7.) Gives you a chance to reinvent yourself.

-Thinking about it I haven’t actively changed myself. I just AM myself, here and now. Who I was at 16 doesn’t matter to anyone I have met here because I’m not that person anymore. I am stripped of anyone knowing my pointless past dramas or having “history” in a ¬†friendship. That, in itself will reinvent YOU.

8.) You will appreciate the “comfort” of/gain pride for your home state.

-I love the city of Atlanta more than I ever have, because I have been given the beautiful/not-so-beautiful gift of missing it. I miss everything about that city from the red Coca Cola glasses you get in EVERY restaurant, to the banks of the Chattahoochee, to the beauty of a spring day in Piedmont Park. I was meant for that city and it was meant for me. I have no doubt in my mind that one day we will reunite.


9.) Embracing new places is refreshing. 

-The Arch is possibly the COOLEST structure I have ever seen. I honestly can’t get enough of it. I love taking pictures of it and I seeing it all lit up at night. It reminds me of why I decided moving would be a good idea. To explore life in new places. To get to know a new city and fall in love with a new place. I’m still in the very VERY early stages of “falling in love” with St. Louis (mostly because I’m still pretty homesick). However, walking through Soulard the other day I couldn’t help but adore the old timey feel of the city. It gave me the same feeling I get when I see the skyscrapers of Midtown Atlanta towering over¬†Piedmont¬†Park.


10.) It has cured me of shyness (I think).

-I have found that I have A LOT to say these days. I will talk to almost ANYONE. I can’t decide if it is because I am hungry for human interaction or if I really have always been this outgoing/friendly and just never noticed. Anyway, making friends has been relatively easy for me. I suppose I am one of the lucky ones because I could just talk all day if you let me and really not about anything specific.

Moving is extremely difficult but it is also fun, confusing, exciting, new, and challenging. It puts you in situations you never would have dreamed of, you experience different people, cultures, ways of life. You find that relying only on your spouse is hard and awesome all at the same time. It’s all a growing/learning experience and while it’s been tough, I’m glad we’ve experienced it together.

One thing that will FOR SURE never change: I will ALWAYS be a serious ATLANTA BRAVES fan. ‚̧


How I See It.

Everyone has their own opinion on nearly everything. You are totally free to believe whatever you want. It’s a Free Country right?…To be completely honest, I am not one to get in the middle of any kind of debate. I can’t pull random facts out of thin air, I can’t randomly quote The Bible and I definitely sit teetering on the fence as far as politics go. However, I do have an opinion. I just want to start with myself. I consider myself a Christian and I support Gay Marriage. I am not a perfect person and according to The Book a lot of people aren’t as you probably know: lying, gossiping, and cheating are all sins. I am flawed, I am a sinner. I feel like I have a grasp of this. I have had people in the comforts of my own college grounds pointing fingers at me telling me I am going to hell because women shouldn’t wear “men’s clothes” or get an education per The Bible (wait, isn’t it God’s job?). I can’t imagine having to go through that everyday. People pointing fingers at me, telling me what I am is wrong, saying nasty things at me, having society against me, or denying me rights because of who I am (In case you weren’t informed: Women and other Minorities have previously had to face this, we were just lucky to be born after the battle). When I was younger I was against gay marriage and I didn’t have any other¬†excuse¬†than “because that’s what the bible says” or “Well, it’s just wrong.” What I was really saying was that I did not understand how or why someone would be attracted to the same sex. Everyone’s experience is different, which is what helps you form a different opinion. I didn’t understand until I met someone, out of the confines of my little town, who is gay. It changed everything for me. He didn’t even talk to me about his struggles. Just experiencing someone who faces an everyday battle, but still seems to have the most spirit I have ever seen in a person, changed me. He is gay and he is a really, really good person. Someone who could be that GOOD is not an “abomination” in my eyes. Through all of the¬†criticism¬†I know he had faced, he wore a smile. That, is strength. I thank him because he allowed me to open my eyes and see something different. Something that I previously dismissed. There are a few reasons that I, personally, support equality.

a). It does positively effect people I care about.

b). It does not effect me and my marriage.

c). It does not effect me and my personal relationship with God.

I believe in living well, right, and moral. I also believe that as a human being, allowing all human beings the same rights that I have is moral. Like I said before, I consider myself a Christian, but I am certainly not the perfect¬†Christian. I know I don’t follow The Bible exactly. It would be hard for me to believe that most¬†Christian¬†people live by The Bible exactly. As far as how I feel? Just because you haven’t experienced something, because you are lucky enough to “fit the norm”, doesn’t mean you should pick it out of The Bible and deny a group of people equality. Not everyone will agree, but that’s not why I decided to post on this today. I just felt the need to explain myself. To give you some reasons why I support the LGBT community. Because they are just like anyone else. We all just want to live freely in peace, be who we are, love each other without being judged about it, all while having the option to seal the deal. I’m not here to start a debate, mainly because I am the worst debater in the history of time. I’m just saying…

that’s How I See It.

A Face Lift

I thought it was time for me to give my blog a mini face lift! A new name, a new feel, a new purpose? Not much a difference, I just thought that since we are no longer really considered newly weds it was time to take my blog name and feel to a different place. Certainly all of my past posts from “Life after I Do” are still attached to this blog, but future posts might be less focused specifically on life after marriage and more focused on hobbies, running, my new adventures with CrossFit, exploring this new city of ours, and my new found love for cooking (so technically, it’s still about life after ‘The Wedding’ on a more watered down level). Don’t expect topics and writing to change too drastically, I am still ‘me’ after all and I don’t mind blabbing about our new couch or washer or how much I absolutely adore and appreciate my Husband every now and then (he deserves it). I guess the newest thing going on in life is the fact that we moved. It has been tough so far. The Midwest is definitely a different place. When we first moved here I felt like it was going to be pretty much the same, but then after a while I began to realize differences.


But mostly I have realized that I truly am a Southern Girl and I always will be. I like wearing big jewelry, curling my hair, wearing make up to the grocery store, there is noting like red nails and red lipstick with a Braves ballcap. Oh, yeah and rhinestones, lots of rhinestones and pearls. I like my tea sweet and my chicken fried.

Southern Girls LOVE Their Pearls

Southern Girls LOVE Their Pearls


I don’t mind dirt, I love to camp and fish, sports are my favorite, I will fight to the finish when I run a race. I can’t wait to plant my first garden. I don’t mind working hard and getting sweaty and I absolutely adore a good hike or a swim in the river. I love my high heels but I also LOVE my cowgirls boots.

That’s the beauty of Southern girls. We like to get pretty most the time, but we can be tough as a bull.

Welcome to Glitz & Grit

Bless your hear! Hang up your boots and stay a while….

I’m a ‘Cold Weather’ Wimp

So, I haven’t been progressing much on the running front. Let me tell you why….

It’s cold. Yes, this is totally the worst excuse ever. Ever. Most people like running in 40 degree weather. Me? No. I absolutely hate it. My thin southern skin isn’t use to cold for such a prolonged amount of time. I could do a 40 degree day every now and then back home, but every day? It’s just ¬†not for me, at all. I need that crisp 60 degrees. I yearn for it, actually. I have never been so effected by weather before. I want to go outside but then once I get out there I just want to come back in the house and curl up. It’s starting to frustrate me and I can tell the dog feels the same way. Today is the last day of winter and you wouldn’t know it, but at least I can start looking forward to warmer days.

The treadmill is a bore. So, since I haven’t been running outside I have been running on the dreadmill. At first I could handle it. I would close my eyes and think of my beautiful riverside running trail, but it’s starting to really get to me. I don’t know how people do it. Run and look at the same thing for 30 minutes. It nearly makes me go insane. I have been at least running 1-3 miles every other day on the treadmill, but lately I have been running only one. Simply because I get so bored that I’d rather mope around the grocery store just to get some human interaction.

Progress. It’s hard for me to want to train on the treadmill. Not only is it boring but it’s hard to get your pace right. I could sit there and change it constantly but, yuck. I don’t know how fast my body feels like going. Sometimes my body feels like running 7 mins/mile and sometimes it feels like running 11 mins/mile throughout my run. Its not something that I can really detect, when running outside my body just does it.

Once it starts to get warm I will start training again. As of right now, I’ll just stick to my 20 minute 2 miles on the dreadmill.


Lately homesickness has been really bad. I think of things I could/would be doing back home. Walking Molly by the river, going to the farmers market with Dan and Molly at Piedmont every Saturday, cooking lessons with my grandmother, focusing on my career, having lunch with mom on her off days, eating endless amounts of King of Pops, running outside, drinking Sweetwater on a patio, venturing up to the mountains for some boiled peanuts, home grown peaches, tomatoes, and corn. Publix fried Chicken. Sunday night game nights with the family. Hiking Kennesaw mountain. Walking around Atlanta. The food truck park. Newtown (FREE) dog park (I think I speak for Molly on this one too). Braves opening day (I can’t imagine how sad I am going to be come GATech football season). I could probably go on and on and on and I’m sure I will in my head. I just wish it hasn’t been so hard on me. Daniel seems to be getting along just fine. I just kinda feel alone in it a little bit. I just hope that it warms up soon so that I’ll be somewhat cured from missing home so much.