Snow and Squat-a-thon January!

Hello Blogosphere!

The last few days have been eventful, so let me fill you in!

In my first post of 2014 I failed to mention that Husband and I are doing a squat-a-thon challenge this month!

I looks a little something like this (We are squatting at the Advanced level):

We have only missed one day, yesterday, due to the fact that both of us have caught a bug! It has almost been a week since my last Crossfit class due to the snow and now being sick! I’m really missing my workouts so we ended up blasting through the 40 squats and 7 burpees tonight even through our sickness. I look forward to those 50 burpees…

I also failed to mention that Husband competed for the first time in a Crossfit Partner Throwdown last Saturday. Yes, they were boy and girl teams. Yes, I chicken out and I REGRET BEING A CHICKEN but I loved watching he and his team mate kill those WOD’s. I was so proud of them.

After I watched Crossfit from 9am-2pm I was feeling a pretty lazy so I decided to take my first run of the New Year! It was a slightly chilly 42 degrees but I actually didn’t mind it, because I was running this route for the first time. I feel like running on a new route for the first time always make running more exciting. However, it was irritating because my phone died in the middle of my run and didn’t track the entire 3 miles I did… Overall, I felt it was a pretty good run to start the New Year, especially since I haven’t run since October!

Then all day Sunday, it snowed and we finally got our first BIG snow at our house. I also learned that snow is pretty and everything, but it is a giant pain in the rear. Did I also mention that with the windchill it was -30 degrees? Yeah, I used a vacation day and decided not to leave my house on Monday.

This is looking up our walkway after Husband shoveled it.


It was about 9 inches in shallow areas and a foot of snow in others!


Lets talk a little bit more about why cold/snow sucks and why Crossfit is amazing (Yes, they coincide). Due to this lovely weather we’ve been having, the battery in my car went *kerplunk* and died yesterday morning while I was trying to get my car warmed up before my icy drive to work. Unfortunately, my car was parked behind Husband’s car in the driveway. Which meant that in order for me to get to work, we had to move my car. By move my car, I mean Husband and I had to push my car over ice and snow in the -5 degree freezing cold.

-5 DEGREES Y’ALL. I’ve never seen that temperature IN MY LIFE…. and this -5 degrees did not include the windchill.

While me and husband were out in the freezing cold trying to force my car over snow mounds, it took me back to the last time I was pushing a car, which was actually during a Crossfit class. It was then I realized my true appreciation for Crossfit. I remember that day at class vividly and me thinking “Oh my gosh, I can’t push a car. I don’t know how I am going to do this.”

Never say can’t, my friends. Because I did push the car, at Crossfit, and then again in a real life situation. Moral of the story – Keep a can-do attitude and go to Crossfit more.

Anyway, Husband drove me to work and then luckily he was able to stay home and take care of our little car situation and everything is thankfully back up and running smoothly. I don’t know when I will be back up and running smoothly again. I hope it’s soon, because being sick is hindering my muscle development.

Happy Hump Day y’all!


Just Catching Up!

I should be shunned for Blog neglect. It has been nearly 4 months since my last post. I’m feeling pretty guilty about leaving this beautiful space untouched for so long. So many things have happened since I fell out of the Blogosphere. So, let me update you a little. We’ll start where I left off…

-I did successfully finish the Lurong Paleo Challenge. I lost 6 pounds and lost a few on my measurements but not a lot. As I thought I would I went back to my carbby ways, but in the New Year I am planning to make better choices. I am also planning on staying mainly Paleo with a little looser guidelines. I’ll call it Kelleo? Sounds good right?


– I ran my first 10k and I did rather well! I placed 69th with a pace of 9:06 and finished with a 56:31 time.


Hard to admit but I haven’t really run and focused on running since October…

-Husband surprised me with a trip to Chicago for our 2 year anniversary!


-We went home for our Cash Family Annual Pumpkin Carving Party (BYOP(umpkin))


…drum roll please…

-We finally bought a HOUSE on Halloween!


-I turned the big 2-6 and threw a Gatsby party… I have always wanted a roaring 20’s party and when better to do it when you are a roaring 26 year old?


-I had to say goodbye to my cousin from afar… RIP sweet Bryan.


-I was blessed to go home for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas.




-I celebrated the New Year with friends.


-and I began the New Year 2014 with a traditional Southern style New Years Day dinner cooked by ME 🙂


-Oh, and tonight I did my first WOD with Toe to Bar! (Big deal, I couldn’t even hang on the bar much less pull my feet up to my hands at the beginning of last year).


As you can see, I have been a very busy bee! And that is basically what you missed in a nut shell. For my New Years Resolution I will not abandon my Blog for more than 2 weeks. I hope I can keep ’em coming! Have a wonderful 2014 friends!

Day 12, A Wheat Cheat, and Tomorrows Race…

Good evening! It’s Friday (see what I am saying about that whole social life gone astray thing?) and I am here to give you some some-what hopefully entertaining updates on my crazy, weird, yet boring life.

I am on Day 12 of the Lurong Paleo Challenge

See how pumped I am? I bought a shirt.


Never thought I’d be that annoying person who constantly asks “Is there sugar in that?” “Is this gluten free?” and ends with “No Cheese please.” Ugh, who am I?

So, Thursday I had a big bad “no no” cheat. There was a FOURTH of a cupcake left after a work bridal shower. Who leaves a perfectly butchered, tiny slice of cupcake sitting around for just anyone who’s dieting to eat? RUDE. So, I gave in and ate the whole thing in one bite. It felt like I was biting into a rainbow. First sugar/wheat combo in 11 days and I was proud of myself… for like 2 seconds and then immediately felt guilty afterwards. I’m glad I got it out of my system…

Until this afternoon…

I had a seminar today at a hotel. Stupid me was thinking they would have salad and I would miserably eat dry salad for lunch. NOPE. We were on our own for lunch, and there was nothing but delicious food around the hotel. I went to a sandwich shop thinking I would get just a salad… but instead I came back with a southwest chicken wrap (at least it was whole grain wrapping?) It made my taste buds happy but my tummy all bloaty! I haven’t had that much wheat in so long. It tasted good but I feel weepy and tired and BLOATED.

So now that is out of my system I’ll be good for the rest of the weekend right? haha… We’ll see… We have husband’s work “family night” tomorrow night… my husband works for a beer company. So, you see how that is going to go. Also, my own work picnic is Sunday. So, they are sure to have Paleo options, yes? Doubt it.

Here is our “NOPE” cabinet by the way… it’s pretty horrible when you accidentally open it…


In Paleo baking news: I have made Paleo Pumpkin Muffins! yum yum!


Super awesome with morning coffee! I think I am going to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract next time but you can fine the recipe here.

I also made Paleo Spaghetti and Meatballs using Spaghetti Squash. It was AWESOME!





Yum yum yum. Definitely cured the Italian food craving I have been having. You can get the recipe here. SO delicious, y’all.

In other news MY FIRST 10K IS TOMORROW!

I am so nervous but I am just trying to think of it as just another long run. I don’t want to get caught up in going too fast too soon. That is what really scares me about this race. I have been running 5K’s constantly. I just need to remember to watch my pace and keep it at a good 10 min/mile. Also, it’s crazy that I am running this race after drastically changing my diet. I am a little worried about that too, but I am ready I am sure to rock this thing. Right?

Wish me luck!

Talk to y’all soon!

Found any good Paleo Recipes lately???

So, I’m Doing This Paleo Thing…

…and it was not 100% my idea. Actually, I have been secretly opposed to this whole “Caveman” eating thing. I am pretty happy with my 80/20 lifestyle. I honestly don’t know the science behind Paleo. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about why this is some kind of miracle diet (whoops) I mean “Lifestyle Change.” The husband dragged me into it, as well of some of my fellow Crossfitters at my box. If you know me at all, my top two food groups are cheese and crackers. Well, guess what? There is none of that allowed in this lifestyle change. All I know is there is a nice list of things that I am able to eat (YAY BACON!) and a GIANT list of things I cannot eat/drink (boo pumpkin spice lattes and beer). Well, unfortunately, I am Team ALL THE FOOD GROUPS so this is not as fun and exciting as it sounds.

We signed up for the Lurong Paleo Challenge on Sunday. I weighed in and was measured up. We started the challenge on Monday, so I’ll give you a little recap of the last few days.

Day 1 (Monday): You’d think that this was going to be ok, right? Since it’s new and exciting and everything. Well, unfortunately I woke up shocked about how absolutely unprepared I was for this lifestyle change. Good morning! Here is your BLACK. COFFEE. happy Monday! Try, not-so-happy Monday (as if Mondays weren’t bad enough). I was a zombie all day. I couldn’t drink my coffee, I literally was moving at a snails pace trying to get my work done. Who knew the sugar detox would start at 6:30 am the day I started the lifestyle change? Pretty sure I was eating Tiramisu the day before. Anyways, I made it through somehow but didn’t have time to go to the store until Tuesday night.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Was slightly better. My only concern was still just my coffee. I had 1 cup with 1 teaspoon of Agave nectar. Husband and I ventured to the store but never made it to the one of only TWO Whole Foods in this city. How does St. Louis live life with only two Whole Foods Stores? I don’t know. I made it through Day 2 with only one second of a mental breakdown mainly because of the free pizza I had to skip out on at work.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Ooooooh Happy Day! I woke up feeling like a beast. I had almond milk and agave in my coffee. I was ready to take on the world…. until about 1:30 when I had an after lunch slump and an extremely bad sugar detox headache. I got home and stuffed my face with boiled eggs before finally heading out to Whole Foods. Husband made me a delicious grassfed steak for dinner (I just missed my potato). I felt like I was getting the hang of it.

Day 4 (Today): The morning was fine. I made a homemade Paleo coffee creamer that is pretty much on the same satisfactory level as the Almond milk. Then, we had a cake day at work. I did not eat the cake, but I did stare it down daydreaming of sinking my teeth into the soft, fluffy bread and sweet icing. I sat there and ate my salad while everyone around me ate whatever they wanted. I had made it through the smells of coworkers pasta dish left overs, chicken noodle soups, pizza, pretzel bun hot pockets, etc. etc. but that cake really did it for me. I got home and ate another boiled egg before Crossfit. Crossfit was a disaster tonight. I didn’t want to do anything. I felt weak and miserable and angry. I got through the first 5 reps of our WOD before literally crying. I just wanted to sleep, y’all. Crossfit was not fun. After today, I actually hated Crossfit. I do not hate Crossfit, but my body sure did. This is when I had my breakdown. I might have teared up a little. My poor Husband had to deal with my complaining and whining and hatred towards this “STUPID DIET!” *gasp*. I began to shove my face full of Almond butter and raspberries and felt a little better…but right now I am still a Bitter Betty. I don’t want to think about what I am eating all of the time. I don’t want to feel guilty for eating something that tastes good. I just want to live and live well. Life is too short to cut out carb’s, y’all.

They say it gets better after 10ish days. I’ll keep you updated on my journey… the weekend is coming and unfortunately I feel a cheat coming on. Birthday Parties and Jazz Fests will get the best of me.

Have you ever done a Paleo Challenge? Any type of Food Challenge?

How was your experience?

Fitness Trail Date Night!

Husband and I have been so busy I have not made the time to post lately! My parents came into town a couple of weeks ago to visit and see a Braves @ St Louis Cardinals game, and husbands dad will be coming to town this weekend. We’ve been hanging with friends and working out every chance we get. I have been working on my speed for my 5k for my race not this coming weekend but the next and trying to also push out 6 miles on some runs to prepare for my 10K in 3 weeks! I’m getting pretty pumped! And As usual we’ve been working out butts off at Crossfit 3 times a week. I managed to climb the rope halfway up, I will make it all the way next time! So, anyway, lets get to the point of this post.

Fitness Trails.

You’ve seen them in some parks. They have stations with weird looking equipment that may or may not be rusted and abandoned. I have honestly never seen anyone actually using these things and now that I have done it, I wonder why! We decided on not going to Crossfit Friday. I really wasn’t feeling it. I really just wanted to be with my husband. We decided on skipping the fancy dinner and instead check out a different park in a different neighborhood. We had previously been at this park and noticed the Fitness trail. It is a mile long trail with about 10 different fitness stops. Some of which are Pull ups, elevated push ups, sit ups, bar dips, monkey bars, chin ups, inclined bar vault, etc. So we suited up and made a plan. Every stop one of us would do the exercise while the other does ~10 body squats (I did 10 burpee’s on one stop), then we would switch. After both of us completed the exercise and the squats we would sprint to the next station. It was so much fun cheering each other on and sprinting together to the next stop. I was sweating like CRAZY after and my butt is still sore from all of those squats! I feel like this is something I would love to work into my fitness schedule mainly because I think it is a wonderful team building experience for me and Husband and its fun to make up your own workouts sometimes!



Have you tried a Fitness trail before?

If so, is it something you like to do regularly?

Buddy Running & Friendly Competition

I enjoy running, but I always really enjoy it when my husband and I go together. He is such a wonderful work out partner. We get dressed together in our running gear, we grab our water bottles, harness up the dog, jump in the car, and drive to our favorite running spot. We kiss at the start line and take off! Daniel and I go at very different paces so it’s hard to run together but just knowing that he is there with me motivates me and makes me want to go the distance. I have never actually run with someone that runs, on average, the same pace as me until last Sunday. I have found out that I like to go by myself, but I pretty much love buddy running. There is a different kind of motivation involved. Basically, don’t stop/slow down or you’ll ruin your buddy’s pace as well as your own. There is a certain kind of bond formed when you are suffering long miles together, pushing each other, and helping each other get through a rough spot in a run. I also enjoy having someone to talk to and it makes the miles fly by! Last Sunday I ran 4 miles with a running buddy. Yesterday, I hit 5 miles for the first time in nearly a year with a running buddy.  I felt like I could have kept going. The distraction of having someone to talk to and enjoy the sport with made it feel like nothing. I truly believe I am ready to hit that 10k again. I think buddy running has kicked up my motivation to be a better runner, to train harder, run faster, and really sink my teeth into it again.

Also, Thanks to Nike + my friends and I have started a little friendly competition. Now that the app gives you the ability to compete with friends, this running business has gotten a lot more interesting and fun! We all cheer each other on, but we also like to reign in the top spot. I currently hold the 3rd spot for the month of August among my Nike+ friends and the 2nd spot for this weeks milage. My friend in the top spot is actually my running buddy from last Sunday. She’s totally kicking our butts. Maybe next month I’ll kick up my miles!

What motivates you?

Do you enjoy buddy running or a solitary run?

Happy Running, y’all!

Happy Running!

Ditching the Scale

When I first started Crossfit I was in ok shape, not strong at all but as a runner and a yoga enthusiast I was pretty happy with my weight.

My weight. I was always obsessed about a number on the scale.  Would it be a bad day, a good day, would it inspire me to go run an extra mile that day, would I maybe not indulge in an Iced latte from Starbucks? I weighed myself every morning, and that can be exhausting! I believe that a lot of women are obsessed over this number. That somehow this number defines us, but I think we’re getting it all wrong and here is why.


The scale has become something so unimportant to me. I was curious and I just learned today that I have gained 6 pounds since I started Crossfit. I didn’t cringe, I didn’t pinch the fat off of unwanted places and grimace but I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself. Because I can see the faint lines of Abs starting to form, my butt is firmer, my arms and shoulders are full of muscle, my legs no longer bear cellulite when I am sitting down in shorts.

This is why the scale is a liar. It’s not what the number reads but what you feel in yourself. Do not let the scale judge you, the scale is not going to change you, YOU have to change you.

So here is my advice my fellow obsessed scale readers: How do you feel? Forget the number.

If you do not feel good in your skin, you have the absolute power to change it.

Go for a run

Join a new gym

Look into personal training

Give Crossfit a try.

It’s all in your hands. Ready. Set. Sweat.

P.S. I did my first kipping pull up yesterday!!!!! Still working on my strict pull up 🙂