Snow and Squat-a-thon January!

Hello Blogosphere!

The last few days have been eventful, so let me fill you in!

In my first post of 2014 I failed to mention that Husband and I are doing a squat-a-thon challenge this month!

I looks a little something like this (We are squatting at the Advanced level):

We have only missed one day, yesterday, due to the fact that both of us have caught a bug! It has almost been a week since my last Crossfit class due to the snow and now being sick! I’m really missing my workouts so we ended up blasting through the 40 squats and 7 burpees tonight even through our sickness. I look forward to those 50 burpees…

I also failed to mention that Husband competed for the first time in a Crossfit Partner Throwdown last Saturday. Yes, they were boy and girl teams. Yes, I chicken out and I REGRET BEING A CHICKEN but I loved watching he and his team mate kill those WOD’s. I was so proud of them.

After I watched Crossfit from 9am-2pm I was feeling a pretty lazy so I decided to take my first run of the New Year! It was a slightly chilly 42 degrees but I actually didn’t mind it, because I was running this route for the first time. I feel like running on a new route for the first time always make running more exciting. However, it was irritating because my phone died in the middle of my run and didn’t track the entire 3 miles I did… Overall, I felt it was a pretty good run to start the New Year, especially since I haven’t run since October!

Then all day Sunday, it snowed and we finally got our first BIG snow at our house. I also learned that snow is pretty and everything, but it is a giant pain in the rear. Did I also mention that with the windchill it was -30 degrees? Yeah, I used a vacation day and decided not to leave my house on Monday.

This is looking up our walkway after Husband shoveled it.


It was about 9 inches in shallow areas and a foot of snow in others!


Lets talk a little bit more about why cold/snow sucks and why Crossfit is amazing (Yes, they coincide). Due to this lovely weather we’ve been having, the battery in my car went *kerplunk* and died yesterday morning while I was trying to get my car warmed up before my icy drive to work. Unfortunately, my car was parked behind Husband’s car in the driveway. Which meant that in order for me to get to work, we had to move my car. By move my car, I mean Husband and I had to push my car over ice and snow in the -5 degree freezing cold.

-5 DEGREES Y’ALL. I’ve never seen that temperature IN MY LIFE…. and this -5 degrees did not include the windchill.

While me and husband were out in the freezing cold trying to force my car over snow mounds, it took me back to the last time I was pushing a car, which was actually during a Crossfit class. It was then I realized my true appreciation for Crossfit. I remember that day at class vividly and me thinking “Oh my gosh, I can’t push a car. I don’t know how I am going to do this.”

Never say can’t, my friends. Because I did push the car, at Crossfit, and then again in a real life situation. Moral of the story – Keep a can-do attitude and go to Crossfit more.

Anyway, Husband drove me to work and then luckily he was able to stay home and take care of our little car situation and everything is thankfully back up and running smoothly. I don’t know when I will be back up and running smoothly again. I hope it’s soon, because being sick is hindering my muscle development.

Happy Hump Day y’all!


Running and Moving

I woke up this morning with high hopes. The sun was already pretty high in the sky and I could feel the smile spreading across my face. Today, I was going to run first the first time in a week and a half (ugh I can’t believe its been that long, I’m such a slacker). I rolled over on my stomach to check the weather on my phone when I felt something start trickling down my face. Nose bleed. There is one reason why I didn’t want to be a Nurse, when I see blood I get all dizzy and light headed and I tend to stumble around like a baby deer. I’m ok if it is on TV but real live blood just creeps me out for some reason. So, I disregard the nose bleed and start look at the weather for the warmest time of the day. I settle on two o’clock. Turbo whines at my feet so I grab my robe and boots and clomped down the steps of my apartment to take him out. Then it happens. An airy feeling arises from the depths of my lungs. *hack hack* Yep that not-so-lady-like hacking sound that brings up a not-so-lady-like finale. I have done a lot of reading lately on Running with a Cold. Most say go for it. I was considering it when all I was worried about was my head congestion, but I put it off and now it has snuck its way into my chest. One of my friends mentioned that its fine to go with a head cold but bad if you go with a chest cold. I did some more research on that this morning and sure enough running with a chest cold can cause further respiratory damage. I already hack and wheeze enough when it comes to running in cold weather. So, I guess today I am sticking to Just Dance, yoga, and I might pull Daniel out of his hole to come walk with me and Turbo at the park. Any kind of movement would make me happy at this point. I also need to begin the packing process.

Two years. That’s how long we have spent at this apartment in Kennesaw. Believe it or not two years wracks up A LOT of crap. Daniel has to keep all of these computer parts for work, not to mention the upgraded parts that are left over from his bike that he took off before it was sold. He did a lot of convincing for me to let him mount his pipe and helmet that are trash from his wreck on the wall in our office. I can’t wait until he tries it again at our new place. I think its time to box up the memory of his wreck and his beloved bike. I know he wants another one so bad (and I do too, riding with him was always a nice getaway from daily life). Now he’s more focused on paying off school loans and be debt free, which is a good thing. While I think this is absolutely fantastic, I also think that the bike was something that really made him happy and I would love to see him come alive again. If we won the lottery the first thing I would do is tell Daniel to go buy the bike of his dreams (and then I would go buy myself a BRAND NEW, drop top, yellow with black racing stripes, yellow and black interior, Chevy Camaro) *drools* My license plate would read: BZZZ. It might have to do with the fact that Bumblebee is my favorite Transformer OR that I am a huge Tech fan (either way really).

So anyway back to the apartment packing- I am not prepared for what I am about to get myself into. I think I am going to start by going through my clothes. Goodwill-Keep-Platos Closet being the labels. I have also started thinking about Decor for the NEW Apartment in SMYRNA (technically Marietta but its closer to Symrna than Marietta). about 15 minutes closer to TECH and it completely eliminates the traffic from 575 to 285. WINNING!  I better get started on my sorting.

Happy Packing!

Three Weeks of Wedded Bliss

It has almost been 3 weeks on Saturday. I can’t believe we have nearly been married for THREE WEEKS! I look back at the pictures my friends posted and can’t believe it has already happened. You know people ask you “how does it feel to be married” really, it doesn’t feel any different. However, there are a few changes. The word ours is used more than mine, yours, hers, and his. Signing my name is weird, and takes me longer (how inconvenient ;-)). We have had trouble going back to a routine after everything. My life was centered around making the wedding perfect and Daniel was trying to get everything done so that he could peacefully miss a week of school. We were also more focused on our health before the wedding. I could sit here and tell you that I miss our nightly runs, but honestly I have enjoyed lazing around and eating whatever I want with my man. What I am not enjoying is the way it makes my body feel. I feel more jiggly. I feel it all coming back. I just can’t let this happen to me again. I like being under 120 lbs. I’m more aerodynamic and it is more fun to shop. After BYOP (See: Bride Chronicles- Fall Family Traditions) this weekend I am going back to running and back on my diet (maybe not as strict as before, though). Especially since we are planning on running a 5k in November, which is quickly approaching. As long as this illness I have keeps going away I should be back in business on Monday. We are still battling off whatever bug we caught in Jamaica. As for the Job search, I can’t complain right now! I was just called about 10 minutes ago and asked back for a second interview next Thursday. I am not getting my hopes up yet, but I am surely hopeful. I have been trying to keep it all hush hush but I can’t help but be a little excited. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers next Thursday. As for me and Daniel, I just can’t get enough of him. Sunday was a nice day. We hopped in the car and went to hang out with his Dad and Janice. Then we drove around his half of the state. I’m all West and he’s all East. We got lost a couple times. We stopped at a park that he has taken me to before. It was nice. Sitting in the car listening to music and talking.

Husband at the park 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

In Sickness and In Health…

Last Saturday in Jamaica I started to feel pretty bad. I slept most of the day (since it was raining nonstop anyway). My throat was in throbbing pain, but I sucked it up and went to dinner like we did all week. Sunday on our travel home Daniel began to feel the same way I did the day before. We were sick, and sick of traveling. My mom met us at the North Springs Marta station with thermometer in hand. Both of us were sporting low grade fevers, sore throats, and ear aches. What a wonderful way to start our first real week as a married couple. I wouldn’t say it has “challenged” us but we pretty much ate take-out every night this week. We ate leftovers and we took shots of Theraflu together. We whined together and compared our symptoms. It was a real bonding experience. However, I am ready for this Jamaican bug to go away. This was not the kind of souvenir I had in mind. It’s been a week and we still feel pretty bad. I think I am growing immune to Theraflu.