A Face Lift

I thought it was time for me to give my blog a mini face lift! A new name, a new feel, a new purpose? Not much a difference, I just thought that since we are no longer really considered newly weds it was time to take my blog name and feel to a different place. Certainly all of my past posts from “Life after I Do” are still attached to this blog, but future posts might be less focused specifically on life after marriage and more focused on hobbies, running, my new adventures with CrossFit, exploring this new city of ours, and my new found love for cooking (so technically, it’s still about life after ‘The Wedding’ on a more watered down level). Don’t expect topics and writing to change too drastically, I am still ‘me’ after all and I don’t mind blabbing about our new couch or washer or how much I absolutely adore and appreciate my Husband every now and then (he deserves it). I guess the newest thing going on in life is the fact that we moved. It has been tough so far. The Midwest is definitely a different place. When we first moved here I felt like it was going to be pretty much the same, but then after a while I began to realize differences.


But mostly I have realized that I truly am a Southern Girl and I always will be. I like wearing big jewelry, curling my hair, wearing make up to the grocery store, there is noting like red nails and red lipstick with a Braves ballcap. Oh, yeah and rhinestones, lots of rhinestones and pearls. I like my tea sweet and my chicken fried.

Southern Girls LOVE Their Pearls

Southern Girls LOVE Their Pearls


I don’t mind dirt, I love to camp and fish, sports are my favorite, I will fight to the finish when I run a race. I can’t wait to plant my first garden. I don’t mind working hard and getting sweaty and I absolutely adore a good hike or a swim in the river. I love my high heels but I also LOVE my cowgirls boots.

That’s the beauty of Southern girls. We like to get pretty most the time, but we can be tough as a bull.

Welcome to Glitz & Grit

Bless your hear! Hang up your boots and stay a while….


New Beginnings!

We have one night left in this little Greenhouse apartment. I guess it really wasn’t our “first apartment together” since I was never on the lease. It always felt like Daniel’s apartment (and I accidentally still call it that). I didn’t get to preorganize, preclean, and make sure  everything was going to have a place before bringing it in. It was already just kinda put there. I didn’t truly have a say as to where things would go. So, it seems like moving out of here will be great (mainly because we would FINALLY get out of this horrible neighborhood) but this is still the place we got engaged. The first place that we lived together. Although, I am so happy to leave this place behind. I’m ready to get out of my little Kennesaw hole. I will say that the memories we made here will always stay with me. Unfortunately, I still have to come back here to clean this place up next week. (UGH) Things in the new apartment are coming along nicely. My mom and grandma came over and helped clean out the cabinets, put in shelf paper, hang a couple of things, and mop the floors. We found a way for the China cabinet to fit with the table in the dining room. Its going to be awesome to be able to display and actually be able to use my China. Right now its sitting at my parents house. I have just enough settings for 6 people! Which is amazing! I am really excited to use it sometime. I am also planning on displaying a couple of other things in the cabinet such as one of my great grandmothers mugs. It’s cream with a butterfly and some flowers. Its really pretty and I love to use it but it got cracked so, I am going to display it. I think I am also going to take the Georgia Tech 1990 NCAA Championship coke bottles out of their worn box and display them in my china cabinet.  Moving is going well so far. We realized that the living room isn’t really AS big as we thought it was so we are going to have to figure out where we are going to put our two love seats. As far as wall space I am doing well on my window picture frame project. I have scraped the chalkboard paint off of the windows and painted the frame white. Now, I just need to scrape the little white paint I got on it from painting the frame, pick out the pictures I want, and hook it up to the wall somehow. The sunroom by far has been my favorite room and project. I am turning it into a reading room. Right now I have my wicker chair from my room at my parents house, a very pretty chest that my grandpa and grandmother made for me, and an ugly rug (that I intend on replacing ASAP with something girly and pretty). I also plan on putting the bookshelf in the room, a rocking chair, and my wicker blanket chest (the sunroom isn’t as insulated as the rest of the apartment it gets pretty cold). We NEVER used our porch and  neither Daniel nor I are smokers so this sunroom has been the coolest change from old apartment to the new one. The kitchen comes in at a close second. I have ROOM to cook. No more using the washer and dyer for extra cooking space (and we actually have a laundry nook -complete with doors and shelves). I am really excited! We’re so close!

As for running in my new shoes. I absolutely love them. They have been gods gift to my feet. I am still having knee problems though and I think I injured it when I ran that 5k right after I was sick. (That’s what I get for not easing back into running). I am planning on going to the doctor on Monday. Hopefully, they’ll give me a brace and the “ok” to get back to training! I should be 3 weeks into my 10k training and I never made it to the 3rd day! Its frustrating. I have been doing the couch to 5k retraining with Daniel (which is probably bad, bad, bad but running is my main form of cardio and I can just sit here and get fat!) Anyway, I have a little more packing to do and should probably get to it!

Shoes ❤

Me + Shoes = Happy


Some pictures of our new place (before move in) I will probably post some of after the move in!

Kitchen/laundry nook

Sunroom ❤

Foyer/Dining room

entrance 2 to the kitchen

Hallway to our bedroom/office/bathroom


our bedroom

one angle of the bathroom

view from the sunroom 🙂


So, unfortunately I gave in to our fake tree with the boring white lights this year. Our big plans to go to the Christmas tree farm where we got married to get a Christmas tree failed a little bit. Money’s the word, and carrying that big sucker up the stairs to our apartment. Apparently there is a lot more that goes into a real Christmas tree than I ever thought. I am still thinking about going to Kroger where they have like 3 foot Christmas trees for sale, which are cute as heck. For now though, we’ll just use our fake tree that we got for Daniel’s apartment last year.

We awaken it.

Yeah- We don’t put any red on our tree. I guess that is the thing about putting up the tree right after the U[sic]GA game every year.

Caesar helped.

Ok, so we have a smidgen of red…

Tah Dah!!!!!! Now we need a tree skirt and it will be set.

This is the “Our First Christmas” ornament that my mom got us. I love it. My mom and dad have kept their first Christmas ornament since they were married. I like to hang theirs on the tree at their house because it reminds me that love can last forever.

Happy Decorating!!

Today I am Thankful for…


First of all I want to say that I am thankful for this country we live in and all of those who will serve, is serving, and has served to keep me, my family and friends safe and free.

My Veteran ❤

This is my Pop. Such a handsome, young whippersnapper!

I am also thankful for the Lord and everything he has given me, everything He has got me through. Even through rough times when I questioned Him and His plan for me. I am not one to about my relgion every day, but I would say that I view my relationship with God a little differently than some. I am a believer and for that I am so thankful. Some assume that I have no relationship with god, but that is untrue. I am not the perfect follower, but who is? I have my faults and my regrets. I don’t always do the right thing, but I do try to live right and moral. I am thankful to have Gods presence in my life.

My Second Family

Thankful-day 2

Not everyone is blessed enough to have a second family. I am so lucky to have them in my life. Erin, Holly and I all grew up together. Now, Holly and I did unfortunately tend to leave Erin out sometimes. She was a few years older and we unfortunately left her to hang out with my silly big brother. Later, after we all pretty much matured, us three began to hang out together. Holly and Erin are seriously the sisters I never had. Being an only girl in my family was rough. None of my cousins that were my age were girls and the ones that were my age and boys wanted to hang out with my older brother because it was “cool”. It sucked. I had no one to play with at holidays. Whether we were in Texas or Georgia that year I was bored out of my stinking mind. My little brother would hang with me up until he turned 9. Then he didn’t want to hang with me anymore, he wanted to hang with the older boys. I guess this is the time in my life that I found out my parents are actually cool to hang out with.

Anyway, Holly and Erin’s dad is my dad’s best friend. Which was convenient since we would go visit them and finally I had someone to play with. Their dad (aka Johnboy/David. I grew up calling him Johnboy) is pretty much like my second dad. If I were to need fatherly advice I could count on him. He’d be there if I needed him.  Holly and I were talking one day about hanging out with our dads. My mom, my dad, her dad, me and Holly use to go to Taco Mac every Thursday night to get free glasses. Johnboy was asking her why she liked to hang out with the parents. Well, duh, because our parents are pretty dang cool. I guess no one else likes to hang out with their parents as much as Holly and I do. I guess because parents will love you unconditionally. I guess around my parents I am free to be me. They listen what I have to say and never talk over me. They don’t leave me out on purpose. This also goes for Holly. My true best friend. We may not always agree on everything but we respect each others opinion. We pretty much like all of the same things. She never leaves me out of anything. I could call her up at anytime and as long as shes not working or doing something super important and she’ll invite me to come with her or do whatever shes doing. If I tell her I can’t hang out she doesn’t get mad. I guess when it comes down to it all, you really do find out who your friends are. Luckily, with this deal I have two best friends and sisters all rolled into one. I am so thankful that god brought my second family into my life.

Our Dad’s at Erin’s wedding

Erin, Me and Holly ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park I think I was 16?

The summer we went on a road trip from GA to Gulf Shores and then to Texas

Haha we were so little!

Me and Erin on her wedding day 🙂

Camping with the parents (Russell, me, Holly, and Erin)

Happy Halloween! (Erin, Me, Holly, Russell, and Josh down front)

All 3 of us at my bridal luncheon


So, this new trend on Facebook has me inspired. Since November 1st people have been posting what they are thankful for, and will continue through the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I think this is a brilliant idea since Thanksgiving tends to be smothered by Christmas. It is a great way to get people really involved in the “Thanksgiving” spirit (even though there are Christmas trees and lights already in the mall). The idea is to post your “thankful fors” in your facebook status, but I can’t seem to fit my “thankful fors” in the provided space. So, I guess starting today I am going to attempt this wonderful idea, but instead I will blog it. Today I am going to make up for the 8 days I have missed. I did post yesterday’s in my Facebook status so I will begin by expanding my first post.

I posted:  I am thankful for my family. My parents, my husband, my siblings and all extended family as well. In the worst of times and in the best of times you have always been there, especially my husband and my parents. I would not be who or where I am today without you. ♥

First of all, my family is the most important thing to me. they are at the top of my list. My family includes my husband, my parents, my siblings, my family here in Georgia, my family out in Texas and a few others but I’ll talk about them in my next post.

My Husband

2007- Our first Christmas as a couple.

is my soul mate. He knows anything and everything about me. He knows all emotions, all scars, all flaws and he still loves me. 😉 Really, though he is everything to me. He is such a good, honest, intelligent gem and I am so entirely thankful for him and I am so blessed to be sharing my life with him.

My Parents

On their wedding day

My parents are the most amazing two people in the world. They have shown me what Love is really suppose to be like. My parents are silly and fun. They are also serious about each other. The love they share is golden. The best thing they have ever done for me is love each other. I am grateful for everything they have provided me. They have never once made me feel unloved or uncared for. I was extremely blessed and lucky to be born to two of the most wonderful people on this earth.


Secretly, they love me. Don’t be fooled by their never ending taunting of -me- the only girl. I don’t think they know that I know that they really care (are you still with me?). Even though they annoy me and will always annoy me to my wits end I am so thankful they are apart of my life.


Yep, I have the best grandparents ever!  I love them all so much. Mamo and Pop (at top) are so special to me. They have always been there for me. Mamo pretty much knows as much as my mom knows about me (which is everything). Meme (at bottom) lives in TX. Unfortunately we don’t get to see each other as much, but I am a lot like my Meme. My parents sometimes call me a mini Fannie Beth (aka Meme).

Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

They are all pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to since most of them live in Texas. I have a good bit of extended family here in Georgia too and I love them so much for always inviting us into their home on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family.

What are you thankful for?